3 Types of Sexy Aliens Among a Universe of Diversity

Whether we’re taking comic books, novels, TV series or movies, sci-fi taps into our imagination like no other type of fiction. Take Star Trek. This groundbreaking 1960s series amply demonstrated the power of allegory: fantastical tales reflecting real-life. But it also tapped into something far more basic. Sexual desire. In boldly going where no human had gone before Star Trek starred many alluring females, from Vina, a green-skinned slave dancer, to the pneumatic curves of 7 of 9 from Voyager.

Sci-fi has introduced many alluring extra-terrestrials, some drop dead gorgeous, others with a habit of making people drop dead. With decades of major features, B-movies, small screen serials and comic strips, it would seem an impossible task to rate these aliens. However, certain traits do make regular appearances, and here are four recurring examples of sexy females from outer space.

Otherworldy sexy

When James Cameron brought Avatar to the screen in 2009, audiences marvelled at his powerful vision of a colonized exoplanet, allowing us to become immersed in an alien world of lush vegetation and bizarre creatures. But he also introduced a race of beautifully featured, blue-skinned humanoids; strikingly tall, gracefully prowling this verdant landscape. Although Neytiri was like no-one else you’ve ever introduced your mates to, her scantily-clad animal magneticism, captivating eyes and fierce independence positively oozed sex appeal.

Psychotic visitors

The worst type of alien for any hot-blooded male to encounter is the outwardly gorgeous female who lusts after your body only to shape-shift into a lethal killing machine. Sil, from the 1995 film Species has a habit of flaunting her magnificent physique and then seducing guys. But she’s also the alien equivalent of a praying mantis: seduction, sex, death.

Outwardly human

Pity the titular hero from Flash Gordon. It’s bad enough having to live up to the ridiculous expectations of being ‘saviour of the universe’. But what is even more unfair is discovering your sworn enemy, Ming the Merciless, has a daughter, Princess Aura, who’s far hotter than your girlfriend, a dull journalist called Dale. Aura smoulders at Flash like a lit fuse, her eyes not so much mentally undressing him as promising to tear his costume to shreds. Aside from her insatiable desire for male flesh she is telepathic, constantly bombarding the poor guy with the mental equivalent of sex texts. “Flash should’ve directed her to a site like this instead.

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