The Most Deranged Comic Book Characters

As any ardent comic book fan will tell you, comic books are a little bit crazy by their very nature. Whether it’s the reality-fracturing events or the often bizarre plot-lines and origin stories, there’s something about the surreal that truly captivates an audience. With this being said, it follows that there are a number of truly insane and unhinged characters borne out of the environments and circumstances they find themselves in. Some of the most popular comic book characters over the years have been those that have displayed the most disdain and disregard for anything even remotely resembling the norm and so below is a brief rundown of the craziest and sometimes most endearing comic book characters to date.

The Joker

Whilst The Joker is unpredictable and truly psychotic in the DC comics, before the release of Christopher Nolan‘s award winning The Dark Knight, you could argue that he was seen by more casual fans as playfully insane as opposed to being full-on disturbed. Thankfully, Heath Ledger‘s legendary performance gave audiences a proper insight into how dark and sinister the character could truly be. The movie brought The Joker to the forefront of comic book culture, giving the character a number of big parts in consequent video games such as the multi-platform hit Batman: Arkham Asylum and The Dark Knight slot game from 32Red. In the latter case, it’s worth getting to know how to get a lot more free spins in order to defeat the man who laughs, and 32Red has a $10 free no deposit bonus just for that purpose.


Darkseid is without a doubt one of the most powerful entities in the whole of the DC universe and it’s not difficult to see why when you come face to face with him – however, it is his mental state that is, without a doubt, the most unsettling aspect of his persona. With creator Jack Kirby moulding his character on that of Adolf Hitler (no, really), Darkseid is an unadulterated megalomaniac who aims to shape the entire universe in his own image. If that’s not enough, he murdered his mother and brother in order to obtain the Omega Force and tried to gain control over all sentient beings by unravelling the anti-life equation. A true lunatic.


It’s fair to say that Carnage’s name alone should set alarm bells ringing but it’s only when you go through the character’s troubled backstory that you begin to realise how messed up this guy is. As a child, Cletus Kasedy (his real name; no wonder he changed it) killed the family dog, killed his grandmother by pushing her down the stairs, and even tried to electrocute his mother whilst she was in the bathtub. Carnage went on to pick his victims at random and kills solely for the fun of it. He represents a huge threat to Spider-Man, which is best evidenced in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where you must defeat him in a final boss fight to the death in order to beat the game.

It Doesn’t Stop There

The very nature of the comic book universe lends itself to developing characters with some serious mental problems and, for every well-intentioned hero, there’s a villain waiting in the wings who will stop at nothing to bring the world to its knees. However, the most troubled characters almost always provide us with the most entertainment and so we say, bring on the crazies!

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