PodCapers Ep. 53: Jessica Jones Season 2 Review with Archit Tripathi (Full Spoilers)

Main Street. Birch Street. Higgins Drive. Cobalt Lane. Our favourite hard drinking, leather jacket wearing, PTSD having, super powered private eye is back! Scott is joined by Archit Tripathi, as they discuss whether or not Jessica Jones’s second outing proves to be as awesome as her first. They talk about the show’s themes, new and returning characters, and it’s significance for women in media. Probably would have meant a bit more if they’d spoken to any actual women about it though. Just saying.

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Intro to Archit, The Defenders Connection, and Beginning of Season 2 – 00:55

Oscar, Griffin, and Malcom – 28:30

Sponsored Content – 55:45

Unhealthy Relationships, Hellcat, and Final Thoughts – 56:45

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