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The Second Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Kicks So Much Butt It Hurts

Hey, can I borrow someone’s Delorean or TARDIS? A magic toaster? The Trimaxion spaceship from Flight of the Navigator? I want to travel forward in time to April 27th, so I can watch Avengers: Infinity War. The second trailer is out, and, o’my stars and garters, it is amazing. The trailer takes infinite pleasure in teasing the endgame of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and evades giving away major spoilers. Let’s take an in-depth walkthrough into the trailer and uncover what secrets it holds.

The trailer immediately lets us know what is at stake: half of the universe. We hear, appropriately, from Gamora that Thanos plans to blow up half the MCU with the Infinity Stones. If he gets them all, he could nuke the cosmos with the snap of his fingers, as Gamora demonstrates. This is a direct nod to a moment in the Infinity Gauntlet comic books, where Thanos does just that with a snap of his finger. Now imagine if he was listening to a catchy tune whilst wearing the gauntlet.

We also see a little glimpse of Thanos’ relationship with Gamora, holding a young Gamora’s hand. I guess, despite being a cosmos-destroying badass, he may still have twisted love for his favourite daughter. Thanos is going to get at least two of the Infinity Stones in this film, and Loki will pay his debt with the Tesseract. His minions, the Black Order, or Children of Thanos, will be hunting down the others throughout the movie. The Avengers will become aware of Thanos, as evidenced when Tony Stark appears to be learning of the Mad Titan. While the editing makes it look like Gamora is telling him, it is likely Bruce Banner or Dr. Strange. Stark and the Guardians of the Galaxy will meet at some point, as seen later on in the trailer.

Anyway, I am very curious why Thanos’ strange hula-hoop spaceship is hovering above Manhattan. Obviously, he’s looking for the Infinity Stones, and will attract the attention of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange. There is a really good moment where Iron Man flies after the retreating spaceship, and his feet turn into a huge rocket booster. Perhaps that means his suits are now space worthy. A nice call back to what happened in the first film, where his suit froze in Earth’s atmosphere. Spider-Man will also be along for the ride in his Iron Spider armour.

Dr. Strange and Vision will have important roles in the film, both possessing Infinity Stones of their own. While we feared Vision might kick the bucket early in the film, he and Wanda Maximoff make it to Wakanda with a majority of the Avengers. T’Challa welcomes Captain America, Black Widow, Banner, Falcon, Rhodey, Vision, and Wanda to his homeland. And who doesn’t want to go back there after Black Panther? Shuri will also get a look-in at Vision, judging by the hologram she is examining.

Meanwhile, the Guardians will meet Thor, and then likely Stark and Spider-Man on another planet. Thanos will obtain the Power Stone first chronologically, so I am guessing Xandar is going to bite the dust. That would be a good way to set up a Nova film! Having Star Lord and Iron Man in a snarking contest will be a real hoot, though Stark looks like he is so done with Quill. I also speculate that the Guardians will split in half, with Groot and Rocket hanging out with Thor.

The Black Order are going to invade Wakanda, presumably to get the Mind Stone, and the Soul Stone (if it is in the country as speculated). There will be a huge forcefield protecting the city, the Hulkbuster will be on hand, and the entire army of Wakanda will be there to defend their nation. Bucky Barnes is glimpsed, sporting a new arm, along with the new title of “White Wolf”. Speaking of the Black Order, we finally get to see glimpses of Thanos’ other children. Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, and Cull Obsidian (based on Black Dwarf) appear surrounding Loki, who presumably surrenders the Tesseract to Thanos. Thanos then shatters it to obtain the Space Stone. Whether or not Loki will be spared is up to the viewer.

We see Dr. Strange getting tortured at one point by someone off-screen. The next shot reveals Ebony Maw hushing someone, so he could be the culprit. It makes sense for them to target all the Infinity Stones, and Ebony’s powers may have been altered to combat those of the Supreme Sorcerer.

The trailer comes to a close with Thanos stomping around like a badass, commenting that he hopes the Avengers “are remembered”. It was hinted he was going to kick their asses, but there is one person who may stand a chance. Captain America goes toe-to-toe with Thanos in Wakanda, physically holding him back, even when he wields the Infinity Gauntlet. It should be noted he only has two stones in the gauntlet. Perhaps Thanos will defeat Stark’s team first, and then go to Wakanda to aid in the war against the Avengers.

I can honestly say that Avengers: Infinity War is going to be spectacular. The culmination of these past ten years. It’s just over a month before the film comes out, and I hope they stop the trailers and mass marketing here. No more teasers or spoilers. The DCEU learnt that the hard way. We all know this film is going to nuke the box office.

But, there is one tiny little problem with this trailer. Where is the hell is Hawkeye!?

What did you think of the second Infinity War trailer? Did it rock your socks off? Blow your minds? Or were you somehow disappointed? Leave a comment below or on Twitter.

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