Life Lessons In Gambling: You Can Learn From These Comic Book Characters

We love comics because we connect to the characters. Sure, some of them are larger than life, but they ultimately end up being a representation of ourselves. They aren’t perfect, most of them are full of flaws, but at the end of the day, they are pretty human (even if they aren’t).

We learned how to do good (even if we don’t get credit) from Spider-Man and we learned bravery (among other things) from Wonder Woman. While we connect to a lot of the “good” in comic characters, we can learn a lot of things that don’t always hit all the soft and sentimental parts of us.

Take gambling, for instance. We know that online gambling and hanging out in casinos is perfectly normal in the real world, but in the realm of comic books, most gamblers are a little crooked, a little mean, a little dangerous, and even kind of cool. So, what can we learn about gambling from these complex and sometimes unsavory comic book characters?

No Matter How Good You Are, Gambling is a Game of Chance

Some people believe that gambling only revolves around luck and while some games certainly rely on luck more than strategy, you can actually learn how to play (and get good) at certain casino games like poker.

Spider-Man fans probably know the professional gambler, Nicholas Powell, better as Chance. Powell was rich and only found joy in gambling. He left everything in life to chance from the crimes he committed to whether or not he would successfully complete a mission. Given his passion for gambling (and for the thrill of chance), the name he chose for his alter-ego is fitting.

Chance is a perfect example of no matter how good you (or how much you learn) at gambling, it’s much of it is still a game of chance so you should play carefully but don’t forget to have fun.

Always Follow The Rules of The Casino

Whether you’re playing at a historic casino on the Las Vegas strip or online from the comfort of your living room, it’s always important to follow the rules of the casino. You know who loved to gamble and didn’t play by the rules? The DC villain, The Gambler.

Even though he spent most of his time robbing people and causing chaos wherever he went (especially when he was gambling), he ended up losing all his money in Vegas. The lesson to learn from The Gambler is if you don’t follow the rules, you will be asked to leave and might never get the chance to return.

Don’t Be “That” Person At The Casino

Whether you play online or at your favorite local casino, there’s some etiquette to consider when playing. A lot of do’s and don’ts of a casino are common sense, such as being kind to your dealer, tip the server, don’t be disruptive, play a clean and fair game, and be a good loser/winner.

You know you probably didn’t follow any of these rules? Oswald Cobblepot, who is better known as The Penguin. He loved gambling and decided to open a casino so that he could gamble and rub elbows (or flippers) with other crooked, crass, and obnoxious folks like him.

Next time you gamble, be cool (don’t be like Penguin).

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