PodCapers Ep. 70: Apollo with Chris Baker and Matt Fitch

It’s one small step for a podcaster. One giant leap for podcast-kind. Okay, so the quote doesn’t quite work here, but who cares? This week, Scott’s talking with Chris Baker and Matt Fitch, the creators of a brand new graphic novel about three men who went to the moon. As you do. They go over the fantastic artwork by Mike Collins, the research required for telling the story on a technical and personal basis, and what exactly made Richard Nixon so adorably insane. I just want to hug him while he grumbles under his breath!

Check out Apollo at SelfMadeHero!

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Intro to Chris and Matt, Mike Collins, and Research – 01:05

The Spirit of America, Conspiracies, and Buzz Aldrin – 24:05

Scary Moon, One Small Step, and Final Thoughts – 43:01

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