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The Journey is Almost Over, Man with Void Trip #4

We are in the final stretch of this far out ride. Void Trip #4 takes a much more somber path as readers are forced to face the music that the fun times are coming to an end. And we are pretty sure not even the psychedelic froot can save us.

With Gabe gone, Ana is now the last human in the universe. After giving Gabe a proper send off, Ana and A.I. are on the down low with the enemy still trying to cramp their style. But what good is it to stop this guy? He’s just one piece in an entire system, man. How do you take down a whole societal structure? Is there any point in taking it down when you have already lost so much? Life really is a bummer dude. Until Ana runs into a few friendly faces…

This whole issue is like far out, man. There are real moments of connection and no one is high on froot. This issue is all about the beauty of long lasting relationships and finally being all alone in this vast universe. Peace, love, and all that jazz. We get a sense of what Ana and Gabe’s relationship has been like in the past, back when it was just the two of them, and how their relationship has grown over the years. This was a piece of the story I never expected to see, but one that adds a lot to both of their characters.

Oh yeah, the artwork is also like, really detailed. The desert landscape within the first few panels makes you feel completely isolated, dude. Characters are expressive and most of the time they ain’t even high in this issue. Void Trip‘s usual level of absurdity and psychedelic imagery returns as if you were staring deep into Ana’s soul. And there’s a dragon, man. A really big dragon. Like, bigger than Puff the Magic Dragon. I am not sure where I am going with this, but just remember the dragon.

But yeah, man, this story is so deep and this issue is one of the high points of the series so far. We have had a lot of ups and downs, good times and bad, but we are reaching a point where all of Void Trip‘s elements are all coming to a close. Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus are a really impressive duo. They work well as a team to tell unique stories and this one is no different. Plus, it’s kind of fun to write in a stoner voice.

It is unfortunate but this series is coming to an end. So, if you have not yet hopped onto this crazy train, get yourself some froot and catch up because now is the time to do it, bro. You only live once so why not add this far out story to your list? We have a feeling when this is all over, it’s going to be one gnarly ending.

Have you taken a trip into the void? What excites you about this series? Share your groovy thoughts in the comments below or give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter! Whatever works for you man. We won’t judge. 

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