PodCapers Ep. 75: Mandy the Monster Hunter with Mark Adams

When things go bump in the night, she’s the one who charges in, dressed in a suit of armour, and beats the holy snot out of whatever had the audacity to go bump while the kids are trying to sleep! Scott is joined by Mark Adams of Hellbound Media to talk about one of their most popular comics, Mandy the Monster Hunter. They talk about the origins of Mandy, the genre of horror as a whole, and Scott’s dubious position on the existence of ghosts. It’s spooky scary fun!

Check out Mandy the Monster Hunter’s kickstarter! And while you’re at it, take a look at the Little Heroes Comics charity!

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Intro to Hellbound Media, Mandy the Monster Hunter, and Mandy Origins – 01:50

Monsters, Writing, and Final Thoughts – 29:48

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