DC Characters That Have Luck on Their Side

It seems that many comic villains have an affiliation with luck and I wanted to explore that side of the DC universe.

There are characters that like to gamble through various means and there are characters that just have a gambling themed personality and clothing. Others just have an interesting element of luck to their actions. So let’s see what’s up with these characters.

The Joker

Even though he’s not into gambling that much, he does like his fair share of cards. He’s even named after the Joker card. He thinks that they are very similar and you can’t deny that since he truly has a similar appearance.

The Joker also has a variety of card/luck themed weapons like a deck of razor-tipped playing cards or Jack-in-the boxes with dangerous surprises.

Joker is one of my favourite characters since he has an unique personality and he also has some interesting motives for being so crazy and for embracing chaos.


He is a pretty popular villain, having appeared in two live-action films (Batman Forever and The Dark Knight)

After half of his face was badly disfigured he started to use coin flips in order to make decisions. So that’s quite a lot of gambling he’s doing there since it can make some really bad decisions.

The Penguin

Another iconic villain is Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot and he is one of the most persistent enemies of Batman. He basically is bad to the bone and he even runs a casino called “The Iceberg Casino” which is a very popular casino with the underworld Gotham.

He basically uses the casino in order to have a kind of hide-out, a place to plan out stuff and of course in order to have a gambling place.

It’s interesting how he can manage such a casino since it’s filled with villains. The place looks very chilly since it even has ice sculptures. It has many tables for card games and of course it also has slots like in any normal casino. Also, I think it would not be a surprise if he had a website with online slots that he uses for other purposes behind the scenes. Nowadays, it’s crucial to have at least a presentation in the online world. In other words, if Penguin wanted to expand his business, opening an online casino will be the right move.

These characters are all very important villains and it is interesting how all of them have something to do with luck, gambling or casinos. I wonder why this is the case.

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