PodCapers Ep. 80: Overlord with Sian Jefferson

Join Scott as he goes off topic a bit more than usual with Sian Jefferson. They talk about her new comic Overlord, how it got started and what the story means to Sian, but somehow manage to veer off into talking about many, many other things, including but not limited to Zack Synder, Wales, the effect of online shopping on the high street, rigidly defined gender roles in a post medieval patriarchy, and Spider-Man on PS4. No, we don’t know how that happened either.

Check out Sian’s work and her Kickstarter, out 20th of September 2018.

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Intro to Sian, Art Style, and Humour – 03:44

Roles in Society, Colour, and Kickstarter- 30:14

Sian’s Other Work, Cons, and Spider-Man PS4 Mini Review – 55:17

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