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7 DC Women We Want to See After Justice League

After the smash success of Wonder Woman, fans of the DC Extended Universe have been aching for more awesome DC ladies. With Margot Robbie‘s R-rated Birds of Prey, and a Supergirl movie finally in motion, it seems like women are going to be a big part in the next part of the DCEU. While the currently announced women for this Birds of Prey movie include Renee Montoya, Cassandra Cain, Black Canary, and Huntress, here’s 7 other DC women I would love to see on the big screen after Justice League:

1. Catwoman (Selina Kyle)


There’s many rumours about who else will be part of Birds of Prey, but there’s a good chance that DC’s morally grey thief will make an appearance either here or in the upcoming Batman solo film. The DCEU has a running theme about blurring the lines between hero and villain, and no other character dances that line better than Catwoman. A good friend of Harley’s and an ex-fiance of Batman, Selina would be a great thematic addition to the DCEU.

2. Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley)

Another likely option for Birds of Prey is Poison Ivy. Recently, Ivy and Harley were called by DC, “Girlfriends without monogamy”, and revealed to have eloped in the Injustice Universe. She’s a mainstay in Batman comics, and while it seems DC has been avoiding her on the big screen since her unfortunate appearance in Batman & Robin, the DCEU seems to be embracing their weirder side with the inclusion of the Suicide Squad. Bringing in Ivy would be a great way to give Harley an out with her relationship to Joker, and bring us another step closer to a Gotham City Sirens movie.

3. Oracle/Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Despite Batgirl in full swing finally, and Jim Gordon already being involved in the DCEU, we still don’t know which Batgirl is the current Batgirl in the DCEU. While Barbara Gordon would be the obvious choice, this DCEU has Batman and the family in the later versions of their lives. A Robin is dead, Nightwing is out there somewhere, and Bruce is old. The Batgirl we see on screen could very well be Cassandra Cain, while Barbara Gordon as Oracle trains her. Oracle was the original leader of the Birds of Prey, and started as a member of the Suicide Squad. We could also see Barbara as she’s coming back to the Batgirl mantle, with Cassandra taking on  her Black Bat or Orphan personas. It seems like Barbara is a shoe-in to join the DCEU, the question is now, Oracle or Batgirl?

4. Zatanna Zatara

At some point in time there was a rumour that Guillermo Del Toro wanted to direct a Justice League: Dark movie. Apparently that movie is still happening, but with Del Toro in a producer role. There is no director attached, nor is there date. Despite all of this, I would love to see one of powerful magic users in the DC Universe on the big screen. Zatanna could open the door for the magic side of DC, the way John Constantine has for the Arrowverse. Zantanna also rides the moral line sometimes, having done things like wiped memories without consent just to protect herself or the Justice League.

5. Batwoman (Kate Kane)

We’ll be getting a live action Batwoman in the Arrowverse soon enough. Despite this, I would still love to see her in the DCEU. Kate Kane is a wonderfully complex character with her heritage and her sexuality being incredibly important to her character, as well as her history in the military. She could bring nuanced look at both the military and the current climate of rising anti-semitism in America, a topic that doesn’t seem too far off from the the dark quasi-realism Zack Snyder originally intended.

6. Big Barda


Shortly before the premiere of A Wrinkle in Time, it was announced that Ava DuVernay would direct The New Gods sometime soon. Before this, DuVernay tweeted that her favourite DC character was Big Barda. With the DCEU letting some of its baddies go some good now and then, Big Barda would be the perfect addition to this world, as well as show that not all associated with Darkseid is evil, complicating the “kill all the faceless aliens working for the enemy” stance that superhero movies tend to take whenever we finally do get to the Darkseid fight.

7. Mari McCabe (Vixen)mari

With her Arrowverse counterpart practically erased to cover for her actress leaving, Mari deserves some kind of long lasting live action adaptation. Vixen has always been a great blend of American and African culture, with the fiction Zambesi being both an origins and a foreign concept to Mari. Her introduction into the DCEU would not only add a powerful member of the Justice League, but her interactions with Superman could prove to be a great place for parallels. Both come from a world that was destroyed before they could even know it. The difference here being that Mari can return to the Zambesi to rebuild. Her origins has a relatable ring to it to many immigrant children of war torn countries, and could even be the subject of her own movie.

Women are going to play a very important role going forward in the DCEU. Wonder Woman 1984 has started filming, Birds of Prey finally has a director in Cathy Yan, and Batgirl has Christina Hodson as a writer. These badass DC women not only bring in new elements to the DCEU, but fit thematically into the very real, very harsh and thought provoking universe.

Are you excited to see where the DC films are going? Which DC women would you like to see hit the big screen? And who would you cast to play them? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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