PodCapers Ep. 84: Everything But Young Justice with Greg Weisman

With Young Justice season 3 peeking its head around the corner like a schoolboy up to no good, it only makes sense to talk to one of the brilliant minds behind it…and not talk about the show at all! Yep, instead Scott chats with the illustrious Greg Weisman about his distinguished career. From one of the best things Disney have ever done to one of the best things Marvel have ever done, its an interview more earth shattering than Frost/Nixon! We may be exaggerating a tiny bit. Just.

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Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H., and Producers vs Showrunners – 1:30

Spectacular Spider-Man, Novels, and Being a Working Writer –  21:46

Shimmer and Shine, Advice for Writers, and Final Thoughts – 40:52

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