PodCapers Ep. 85: Daredevil Season 3 (Full Spoilers)

The Man Without Fear is back! And what a glorious return! Scott is once again joined by Mark Russell to talk about Matt Murdock once again donning the red sui- what’s that? He’s back in the black costume? Um, okay. Fine. Point is this season is awesome and these two are going to talk about it. From the return of the Kingpin, to the debut of Bullseye, will this make up for Iron Fist and Luke Cage being cancelled? I don’t know, listen to the episode and find out. I can’t do all the work for you!

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Netflix Cancellations, Little Orphan Mattie, and Costumes – 01:00

The Lego Movie Rule, Bullseye, and the Box of Backstory – 26:30

How to Make Friends and Stalk People, Master Plans, and Betrayals – 59:00

Superhero Choices, Ballroom Blitz, and Final Thoughts – 1:29:44

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