How To Write A Comic Story

Writing is a way of expressing one’s self through words. There are many ways of conveying a message by writing. One popular method, especially for kids and kids at heart, is through comic stories. Just like any type of writing, comic story writing requires specific tasks to craft a good one.

Comic story is a fun way of telling a story. It is often filled with humorous events. In this form of creative writing, the reader follows the story alongside a sequence of images and drawings. The dialogues are written into the cartoons. It is like watching television but in print.

It is unlike the conventional way of telling a narrative through paragraphs. Comic stories are significantly shorter than books. This is because it doesn’t describe the characters and other things through words. Comics use the drawings to build the image in the minds of the readers. This way, it entices young minds easily.

Before starting

Writing the comic story, one must have an initial plot, outline and plan or to have a pre written essay sample. This form of creative writing also needs planning to make sure that the comic is good. Since the comic typically caters to younger audiences, it is important to make it readable and understandable.

A comic is not just about impressive drawings and images. It won’t be a success if the story and idea is all over the place. It is important to organise the main points and ideas of the narrative. This helps you, the writer, to build your comic story smoothly. So, the question is: “how to write a comic outline”?

Make a guide for your story

You should be able to write down what your story is about. Break it down to parts, outline, beginning, ending, write an autobiography of heros, main charactors and pages. You will be writing your story in drawings. It is best to plan how your plot is going to be divided.

You should also know what message would you like it to convey. You should know what genre your story is. Settle for the setting of your story and the major and minor characters. Write everything down to be your guide in making your comic story.

Write down how your story will begin

Jot down the events that will lead up to the climax of your story. Also, write how the story will conclude. If you combine everything, you should have your whole story. This is how to plan a comic book.

In the process of writing a story, it will be less tedious if you are ready with an outline. Now that you have something to have the writing run smoothly, here are some tips for writing for comic books.

First, now that you have divided your story into pages, it’s time to go into the details. Draw the story page by page. You will be telling the story in images. Make the dialogues succinct.

There is a writing trick used in comic stories. It is arranging the drawings and dialogues in a way to build the anticipation. This keeps the readers flipping through the pages. That is one of the things that makes a good comic book.

Make a story within the story

Instead of being straight to the point, try to develop the characters. Let them make the wrong choices. Have them find a solution to problems that will lead to a complex story. Build up your characters.

It may be confusing but don’t be held down by your outline. You may edit your story as you go. But do not forget to see your story as a whole. By doing that, you won’t stray from your story and message.

Plan out the construction of your pages carefully

Like when you are writing major scenes, try to use a bigger space. Try to give your reader the perception you want them to have. You can manipulate the way the audience reads your story.

If you are not the one who is going to illustrate your story, look for an artist that can do it for you. Ask for his or her sample works. You should be able to communicate well with your illustrator. Discuss the way it will be illustrated. This way you will have total control of the flow and reception of your comic story. That is how to write a comic book.

When you have finished writing your comic book, it is time to share to the world. Now that you have your piece, it is time to show a bigger audience. And the question lingers on your mind: “How”? There are a few more things you should do if you are to publish your work.

First is have a professional editor to look at your work. It is good to have someone other than you to edit your book. Have it proofread. You would need a neutral person to check your work for errors and such. You would want your comic story as perfect as it can be.

Time to publish

Once you had your work checked for errors and correction, it is time to publish it. Let other people know that your comic story is available to see. Today there are many ways to do just that. You can try these tried and tested ways.

You can go down the traditional route and have it printed and distributed by publishing houses. You may also try to make and market it yourself. With today’s technology, anything is possible. If you are feeling modern, you can even publish it on a website or a mobile application.

You can now read various comics online. For example, you can read Spider-Man comics online for free.

There are countless ways to make your message known. The art of creative writing is on of the best ways to do it. A comic story is fun and entertaining way to do so. Follow these basic steps to craft your very own comic story. The goal is to share your idea.

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