PodCapers Ep. 106: Sprouting and Other Tales of the Curious with Asa Wheatley

This week, Scott’s curiousness is sprouting! Hey, it’s not easy to come up with jokes relating to the topic of the week EVERY WEEK! In any case, Scott is joined by Asa Wheatley to talk about his new comic anthology, Sprouting and Other Tales of the Curious….among other things. Yeah it’s another sidetrack-y episode folks. Strap in for the rants.

Check out Asa’s work! Kickstarter for Sprouting goes live the 5th of April 2019!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Asa’s Early Career, Tails of Mystery, and Scott’s D&D Story Part 2 -12:00

Asa’s D&D story, Sprouting Inception, and Variation in Anthologies – 35:00

Different Artists, Asa’s Current Comic Interests, and Final Thoughts – 52:44

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