PodCapers Ep. 107: Shazam! with Alex Mirabal (Full Spoilers)

Well, slap me with a halibut and call me Susan Pennyfarthing, winner of the Cheltenham Regional Stamp Collectors Fair nine years running. DC have made another good movie! Scott is joined by Podcapers resident DC fan, Alex Mirabal, to talk about the awesomeness of putting Chuck in a supersuit, the future of DC movies, and just how far Joss Whedon has sunk. It’s a big one folks! Strap in!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Shazam/Kazaam, The Joker Trailer, and the Opening of Shazam – 05:50

Billy as a Superhero, Fighting Thad, and the Shazamly – 55:00

Final Showdown, Alex and BvS, and Final Thoughts –  1:15:00

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