Most Popular Comics For College Students

Comics or graphic novels, as they are called, are now very popular in colleges; a lot of students read them and are huge fans of comics. Comics are a good way for one to paint a reality that is totally different from the one they are in and even escape your current reality. Comics have become so common in colleges today that some universities and colleges now have credit courses that are on comic books or graphic novels. They are usually used to fulfil a requirement in literature.

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If you are one of the fans of comics, then you should know that summer is the period for comics. Now, we are going to be looking at some of the best graphic and visual novels that are the best novels for college students. The best graphic novels that college students that are interested in comics should definitely read include:

1. Nimona: this is a top graphic novel. It tells the story of a girl that is irrepressible and has mysterious powers that get herself the job of a sidekick to the designated villain of her town. The story grows into something that is a lot deeper and richer. The story is set in a world in which temp agencies are the ones handling evil sidekick gigs. It also features bad guys with armours and dragons that are genetically modified.

2. Watchmen: this graphic novel is a must read for everyone. It was first published in 1986, and then in 1987 as a graphic novel. The graphic novel served as a game changer. It still remains the first recommendation for people if you are about to read their first comic. The novel tries to deconstruct the superhero and paint a picture of who they really are deep down.

3. Daytripper: the story is all about how death can impose a different shape on the life of a person. The book takes one on a journey with someone who writes obituaries through days of his life that are important, and he dies on each of those days. After each of his deaths, we are able to read that obituary which he would have chosen to write for himself. The book tries to pass across the message that death is not something that one should deny or fear but instead embrace and confront.

4. Sweet Tooth: this is a post-apocalyptic tale that features a hybrid human-deer who is naive and young alongside his own taciturn protector that harbours a secret.

5. Blankets: this is a form of a semi-autobiographical story about a young man who is raised in a tradition that is evangelical and strict. He is haunted by different feelings of shame and guilt from his adolescence to his adulthood. He questions his feelings when he tries to navigate a relationship that is sexual. This graphic novel is a 600-page illustrated novel that talks about topics like science, art and faith.

The five graphic novels that are discussed above are very popular among college students because they go above the usual comics by addressing issues that are important and are deep, which normal comics would try to avoid.

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