PodCapers Ep. 127: Scott Re-Scripts The Force Awakens

In a new format that is in no way an exercise in flagrant ego-boosting, Scott tries to not only criticise a movie, but discuss how it would be so much better if HE wrote it instead. Joined by Jillian Diblasio, Scott points out the pitfalls of the much maligned Episode 7 of the Star Wars saga, and tries to inject some pathos, better character arcs, and even, dare we say, a wee bit of originality into the film. And we’re sure he’s the first one to do so, too.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Re-treading Old Ground, Backstory, and History – 04:30

Opening Crawl, Ben Solo, and Rey & Finn – 26:52

Daddy Problems, One Final Twist, and Missed Opportunities – 1:02:00

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