PodCapers Ep. 132: Joker (2019) Review (Full Spoilers)

Have you ever had a bad day? Scott certainly has, but not when watching Joker! He’s joined by Jillian Diblasio to talk about one of the few DC characters that he actually likes first solo movie…and all the controversy surrounding it. From Joaquin Phoenix’s brilliant performance to the portrayal of mental illness, Scott just can’t help but…smile.

Plus, something spooky is coming this Halloween to Podcapers!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Jared Leto, Arthur’s Life, and The First Killing Joke – 04:30

Scott Forgets Who Michael Caine is, The Robert De Niro Show, and Criticisms – 30:00

Gary Glitter, Mental Illness, and Final Thoughts – 56:00

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