PodCapers Ep. 129: Carnival Row Season 1 Review (Full Spoilers)

I DO BELIEVE IN FAERIES! This week, Scott and Alex Mirabal talk about the entertaining, but deeply flawed, Carnival Row. The fantasy TV series power vacuum left by Game of Thrones has spat out another show for us to review (and yes we know vacuums suck things, not spit them out but just ignore that please, thanks ever so much), and unlike Dark Crystal last week, a lot of it is bad. But some of it’s good! But not enough. Or maybe not! I dunno. Figure it out for yourselves, we can’t hold your hand through your whole life. Get your act together!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Cast, World Building, and Racism – 30:00

Backstory, Murder Mystery, and Story Connections – 1:00:00

The Villain’s Plan, Labours of Love, and Sexuality – 1:30:00

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