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Everyone has an idea of what comics are, but only 2% of US respondents read comics every day, while 59% have never finished a single comic book. But whether you peruse books that fall on your radar or flip them through without digging any deeper, comics are a great way to add some color to your reading routine. And what’s even better, you can read them in a variety of ways! No longer than two decades ago Scott McCloud made predictions on how the emerging technologies could transform the art, and now we have multifunctional smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches with all the bells and whistles to facilitate reading and make it as enjoyable as it could be.

So should you read comics? And if you should, why on a smartphone? Do half the Americans, which have never read a single comic book, miss something? To address these three, let’s start with the most obvious reasons why reading comic books is one of the best things you can do in your free time.

Adult Reading: Keeping Pace with Children

As a grown-up, you are free to choose any kind of leisure. You can do sports, take regular evening strolls with your significant other, or even enjoy a more exotic activity, say, gambling: best online mobile casinos with a serious budget and solid reputation can provide the complete safety of transactions, making games of chance as tempting as never before. However, if you have children and care for their future, you should know that smartphones are the top content providers for kids, while the content they consume inevitably shapes them as personalities. Disagree? Then look at statistics: about 53% of children in the US own a smartphone by the age of 11, whereas 84% of teenagers regularly immerse themselves in fantastic universes that rare adult understands. Obviously, you can’t overlook comics if you want to adjust your kid to read and do it unobtrusively. To be on the same wavelength with your baby, read the comics first and then do it together – simple yet very effective.

And if you think that comic books are all about vivid cartoons with superheroes, you’re wrong as well. Though the most popular DC or Marvel are of that kind indeed, there are also comics about much more serious topics. Lots of famous world writing masterpieces were interpreted into comics and can be unfolded on the screen of your smartphone with a single click – just search Google PlayBook or Comixology to find what you love!

Improving Your Mobile-Reading Experience

Many claim comics on mobile isn’t as great as they look in a book. It had been true for many years: people had to zoom out comic books on tablets or smartphones to read characters’ replicas until one by one, two convenient features called vertical scrolling feature and Bubble Zoom were introduced by Google. What the first does needs no explanation, whereas Bubble Zoom greatly improves text readability. Google uses machine learning to teach its Google PlayBook app to recognize speech bubbles so that you can zoom them in without having to pinch and zoom, which enables one-hand reading. Another popular solution to comfortable reading is Amazon’s Comixology and its Guided View feature, which layouts a page panel by panel. Though Google thinks Guided View worsens the overall reading experience, it’s up to your taste which one to use.

Let Your Favorite Comics Live on Mobile

If you’ve missed the transition of comic books to a digital environment, don’t hesitate to give them a try. Still underestimated by the majority of comics lovers mobile reading experience is getting better with every year, constantly creating new conveniences for reading. Depending on your budget and requirement to the reader app, you can choose from about a few dozens of free e-readers compatible with all operating systems: Madefire, Libby by Overdrive, Chunky (iPad only), iComix (IOS only), Perfect Viewer (Android only), Astonishing Comic Reader (Android), CDisplayEx Free (Android only), ComicScreen (Android only), and many others. All those apps focus on different aspects of reading and visual experience, which gives you a huge room for experiments.

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