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The Legend of La Mariposa is an Upbeat, Fun Adventure for All

Sometimes, you just want to read a comic that’s nothing but pure fun. The Legend of La Mariposa is exactly that: a lighthearted entertaining comic that will keep you smiling with every page turn.

Centering on the world of lucha libre, The Legend of La Mariposa follows La Mariposa, an up and coming luchadore who wishes to join the infamous group Sons of Justice. However, these luchadores don’t seem to take her efforts seriously and instead must prove herself by going on a quest. This quest involves her visiting several demon temples, defeating said demon, and returning with their mask. Does she have what it takes to become part of the Sons of Justice?

James Lawrence has crafted a thoroughly entertaining comic. These characters are so dynamic, fun, and hilarious. The matches Mariposa must face against each demon is both exciting and funny. Each demon has a unique look and personality, giving readers a colourful experience.

The story isn’t even the highlight of this comic. Yes, it’s a fun, adventurous little tale, but the true heart and soul of this comic is the art. Colours leap off the pages with every turn. Each demon Mariposa must face is set in such different terrain, it makes for dynamic art all the way through.

Characters are also so expressive in this comic. Their exaggeration makes for excellent comedic effect. Not to mention, these expressions breath true life into each panel, each page. It’s the art that truly brings everything together and what really makes this such a fun read. Lawrence has created such an amazing balance between character expression and matching dialogue that it will leave you laughing throughout.

James Lawrence has exceptional talent. This comic took him an immense amount of time and effort to create. And all his efforts have clearly paid off in this adventurous story with a unique presence. We certainly can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next. But in the meantime, this is a fun, hilarious piece for readers to enjoy. We can only hope more equally entertaining comics will be coming our way via James Lawrence.

You can read The Legend of La Mariposa here, as well as get yourselves print copies of the comic! If you’ve had a chance to read this fun little comic, let us know in the comments below or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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