The Unexpected Richest Characters in Comics

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For every humble Peter Parker or farm boy like Clark Kent, there’s an opposingly rich and privileged Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne. Comic books have long had rich and famous characters whose means exceed most of our wildest dreams. But how do they all stack up, when you compare Lottoland’s richest fictional characters? Like matching Gotham to Metropolis, we’ve created a list to compare your favorite graphic novel characters inspired by the number crunchers at CBR.

Richie Rich – $8.9 billion

Richie Rich is old school money, although you might attribute this wealth to his father, Richard Rich, Senior depending on the issue you’re reading. Richie Rich is the ultimate wealthy adolescent, with an amazing array of toys, games, and services available for his every whim. While incredibly wealthy, Richie is a loving and moral protagonist — not consumed by greed. He uses his wealth to help others and do good deeds.

Scrooge McDuck – $65.4 billion

You didn’t think that money bin was filled with pennies, now did you? One of the original billionaires in comic land, Unca Scrooge was wealthy before most superheroes were putting on their suits. While he may be a curmudgeon and spendthrift on the surface, his big heart shows as he adopts his young nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louis. Together, they go on adventures and travel the world.

King of Wakanda, T’Challa – $90.7 trillion

If the Black Panther slid under your whos-who radar, that probably because Wakanda didn’t want the extra publicity at the time. When you think about it though, T’Challa is the heir and ruler of an entire country — far bigger than the Stark or Wayne enterprises. And not just any country, the King of Wakanda rules a land of extreme technology and prosperity brought on an almost unlimited supply of Vibranium. The leader of Wakanda is so rich in fact, he’s able to afford to cloak to hide the entire nation.

Wilson Fisk – $30 billion

Hell’s Kitchen isn’t known for its bounty of billionaires. In a neighborhood where poverty is common and even a basic businessman seems upper class, but the Kingpin Wilson Fisk is a level above. Fisk has taken his business acumen, utter lack of respect for the law, and some lucky breaks in rebuilding the area after the Battle of New York to create an illegal empire hiding in plain sight. His criminal enterprises are more than profitable, they made him filthy rich.

Reed Richards – $5 billion

Superheroing doesn’t usually come with a paycheck (well maybe the Avengers). Reed Richards fortune helps finance the Fantastic Four including paying the rent and developing those fancy costumes and gadgets. Mr. Fantastic’s superior intellect allowed him to take an inheritance and invest it for high growth. He further profits from patents on many of his inventive designs and shares the profits with his team while working to protect his city and sometimes the world too.

Warren Worthington III – $5 billion

Professor Xavier isn’t the only one in Xmen to have money. While Magneto is well to do in his own right, even richer is the mutant called Angel — Warren Worthington III. The mutant gene doesn’t choose people based on their background, and Angel is proof of that. As the heir to his father’s fortune, his mutant abilities have at times played havoc with his finances. Overall though, his choice to join the Xmen lands Angel in the good guy column, as well as his efforts to help his fellow mutants and others in the community with his funds. 

Ra’s Al Ghul – $1 billion

Not all secret ninja-monks take a vow of poverty. Ra’s Al Ghul is definitely rich. Through his use of the Lazarus Pit to achieve near-immortality, he’s said to have accumulated a fortune — and the best estimate is that he’s worth at least a billion dollars. That being said, Al Ghul’s secretive nature means he likely has additional funds stashed away other under names and enterprises. Yet these numbers are county cash only, and the value of his possessions like the Lazarus Pit alone may easily top those figures. While not always 100% evil, nothing screams bad guy like an ageless money hoarder in our opinion.

Did any of these on the list surprise you? If you could win millions or billions in lotto, would you use your new power for good or evil? After all, comic book characters are all about the unexpected.

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