PodCapers Ep. 159: SKRAWL with Russell Mark Olsen and Mark Hughes

Another day, another outstanding anthology! Scott is joined by Russell Mark Olsen and Mark Hughes, a.k.a. SoK, to talk about their upcoming comics magazine SKRAWL, featuring stories from the best of the best UK indie comic writers and artists, many of whom we’ve discussed on Podcapers before! Strap in Capers, we’re going on a Pub SKRAWL! Eh? Eh? Oh come on, that was funny!

Take a gander at Russell and Mark‘s work, as well as SKRAWL’s Kickstarter! And if you can, please donate and support Little Heroes.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal

Who are Russell and Mark, Avatar News, and Marvel’s Avenger’s Beta – 05:00

SKRAWL Process, A Big Team, and Promoting Newer Creators – 30:00

Brief Overview of the Stories, Some of the Names, and Little Heroes – 1:00:00

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