Reasons To Add A Hoverboard To Your Geeky Christmas Wish List

The festive season is approaching at breakneck speed, making now a good time to start compiling your Christmas wish list. If Marty McFly’s hoverboard chase scene in the 1989 hit Back to the Future II got your heart racing, it might be time you acquired a hoverboard of your own. Although current-day boards are not nearly as futuristic as the movie version was, there are still many reasons why you should ask Santa for very own hoverboard this year.

They are environmentally friendly

Global warming is wreaking havoc with the environment, making it more important than ever before to find sustainable alternatives to everyday actions. An average passenger vehicle is believed to emit as much as 4.6 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide in a single year. Investing in a hoverboard is a great way to show you care about Mother Nature. Unlike more conventional modes of transport, a hoverboard does not emit any gasses and does not have to be charged continuously. Apart from saving the planet, using a board can also help save you money. Whereas the average person spends about $1,400 on gas in a year, hoverboard users rely on a small amount of electricity to keep their rides charged.

Enjoy a compact, portable design

When you drive a car or even ride a bicycle, you are limited in the places you can go to. Due to its compact and portable design, a hoverboard can be carted around with relative ease. Although you always need to make sure you handle your board with care, they tend to be quite robust, allowing you to take them to school, university, and even the office. If you are going to be carrying your board around with you a lot, opt for a model that is both sturdy and lightweight. With so many options available, it is natural if you feel somewhat overwhelmed when having to narrow down your options. Hover Patrol offers objective reviews, which makes it easier for you to set your sights on the hoverboard that is best for you without getting sucked in by advertising.

Hoverboards have health benefits too

Having a hoverboard may present you with a range of health benefits. Although riding a hoverboard may not seem like hard work, you can burn up to 300 calories an hour doing it. Your concentration skills may also be boosted by the fact that you need to focus on staying upright and safe while riding. A hoverboard can even be good for your posture. Being in a hunched-over position is detrimental to your back, and can result in long-term medical complications. A hoverboard will help straighten out your back by engaging your core while you’re riding. In fact, you will get a gentle yet complete body workout, which may not give you a sculpted physique, but sure beats you sitting on the couch for hours on end.

Having a hoverboard of your own can turn out to be both entertaining and practical. Not only will you be able to whizz around in true Marty McFly-style, but you will also do so without harming the environment and spending heaps of money on fuel.

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