PodCapers Ep. 166: SEASONS Vol. 2: Summer with Nandor Fox Shaffer

76 episodes later, Scott is rejoined by graphic novel writer Nandor Fox Shaffer for a big ol’ gab sesh! Took you two long enough! They talk about his upcoming book SEASONS Vol. 2: Summer, some of the latest pop culture news, and everyone’s favourite topic of discussion, moral relativism™! No, we don’t know why either. Just listen, we promise it’s interesting.

Back SEASONS Vol. 2: Summer on Kickstarter! Read SEASONS Vol. 1: Spring online for free! And, if you fancy, have a look at Dreadnought. Show J.K. who’s boss!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal

Bookstores, Boycotting, and the Sexualization of Female Comic Characters – 05:00

Superhero Video Games, Trans Media, and Developments from Seasons Vol. 1 – 30:00

Fletcher, Scott’s Ideal Character Development, and Being a Hero in the Modern Era – 1:00:00

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