The Top 5 Best Video Games Based On Comic Books to Play on a First Date

Connecting with another single on a dating platform is always exciting. You can build a rapport with regular messages, finding out all about this person’s interests, then planning to take your blossoming relationship to the next level: your first date. An increasingly popular activity for that initial get-together is to meet up and play video games. More couples enjoy gaming than some of the more traditional date outlets (movies, restaurants, bars), so if you feel like indulging here’s a list of the top five best games – based on comic books that were compiled for you by dating consultants from this website.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Even if you’re not a total fan of the comic book series and have gleaned most of your knowledge from the movie franchise, this is a fantastic video game for you and your partner to enjoy. You’ll quickly get brought up to speed with the storyline, and the fact you can interact with Venom, the alien creature who first used Spider-Man is its host, brings an added frisson of thrills.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

This action-adventure beat-em-up game is centered on everyone’s favorite twin-personality superhero, the mild-mannered Dr. Banner who transforms into an irate, green-skinned bundle of rage. You control the Hulk in an open environment where you can choose to visit locations and interact outside of the actual missions. Having said that, there are still many opportunities to battle with the Hulk’s nemeses, including Devil Hulk, Mercy, and the game’s ultimate protagonist, the Abomination (bigger and even scarier than Banner’s alter-ego). You’ll have fun powering through walls or climbing skyscrapers while dashing buses aside as if you’re swatting flies.

The Wolf Among Us

This video game, based on the Vertigo series Fables, is played from a third-person perspective as you control Bigby Wolf as he investigates a woman’s murder. This involves exploring a vivid three-dimensional environment, allowing a lot of interaction. There’s a lot more to this scenario than crime-solving, as there are dialogue options within scenes that can pivot in different directions depending on whether the conversation portrays Bigby in a positive or negative light. You can also explore inanimate objects that might be connected with the murder, while other scenes are far more focused on action than dogged detective work. All the time you need to pay attention to how your present choices will impact the unfolding storyline, making for a lot of fun on your first date.

Injustice 1 & 2


Here’s a video game that manages a perfect balance between telling an interesting story and teeing up an entertaining superhero face-off. We’re in a future world where square-jawed, red-caped hero Superman has gone off the rails and been imprisoned. However, his services are called into action when a supervillain group calling themselves The Society arrive to wreak havoc, alongside the alien Brainiac. Our hero has to contemplate breaking free of his incarceration to help deal with the threat.

Batman: The Arkham Series

Finally, a note-perfect rendition of the Batman story that is so well executed you and your partner will find it difficult resisting the urge to keep coming back for more. The way the eponymous hero can channel his abilities to flow through a lovingly-recreated Gotham City is a joy to behold, presenting the ultimate Batman vibe to players. Mostly voiced by voiceover artist Kevin Conroy over the five main games in the unfolding series, there are guest appearances by all the usual suspects – The Riddler, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Poison Ivy, and many more. There is so much about the drama that will guarantee your first date sees you immersed in an entertaining alternative reality.

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