Top Five Comic Podcasts to Follow in 2020 (After PodCapers)

We know that your favourite comics-based podcast is PodCapers, but with only one episode a week, you must be looking for other pods. There are hundreds of comic podcasts airing each day; however, finding the best with intriguing and entertaining content can be a significant challenge. If you are looking for new podcasts to add to your list, we have put together the best podcasts of 2020 you should follow.

5. Ifanboy

 It started in 2005; ifanboy is a weekly show that offers discussions on the best comic books. The ifanboy tells you about the comic books they have read in the week and answer your questions regarding the books. The discussion always focuses on video games, TV shows, and movies, as well as comic book graphics and content. The group helps you to understand your comics in an intelligent, witty, and entertaining way. What makes this podcast more interesting is that the crew may agree or disagree anytime about anything in their review.

4. Comic Book Central

 The podcast is created, directed, and hosted by Joe Stuber, a lifelong comic lover, and award-winning producer. Joe focuses on bringing in-depth discussions with the legendary actors, producers, directors, writers, and other talents into the comic world. This is the first podcast devoted to bringing humorous book analysis through interviews from legends with diverse skills, and definitely one of the top trending podcasts of this generation.

3. Comic Losers

 This amazing weekly podcast focuses on the world of comic movies, TV shows, books, and video games. To spice it up, it is filled with predictions, discussions, and reviews of different comics. The podcast always focuses on various analyses and releases an episode every week. So you can listen to the comic losers and get an overview of what may happen next in the comic world. This hilarious podcast will leave you at the edge of your chair while longing for the next episode.

2. Major Spoilers

 The Major Spoilers are a podcast for comic fans and pop culture. Every week, the panel enthusiasts, Rodrigo, Bryan, and Stephen get together to discuss the recent news, different titles and dive into pop culture items like DVDs, television programs, and podcasts. These enthusiasts take their time to analyze various comics to give you an overview in a simplified fun way. If you are a fan of pop culture and comic, this is the perfect podcast for you. The panel tries to make this podcast as appealing as possible even though none of them has written a comic book.

1. Comic Geeks Book Podcast

Comic Geeks is one of the best audio podcast that focuses on mainstream news and press comic books. The podcast features creator interviews and their comments on various comic books and comic-related movies. It was started in 2005 by Bryan Deemer and Peter Rios; they have interviewed more than 400 creators of different comic books and movies. With comic geek, you can access and play all the episodes from wherever you are; it is easily accessible through all contact methods and is always updated with the latest events.

Comic podcasts are as good as reading the book; however, it is even more fun when you read the book before listening to podcast analysis.





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