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A Heartbreaking Farewell to the Supernatural Series

The Supernatural series is The CW’s longest series. At the same time, it is also one of the longest-running fantasy/horror series. But nothing lasts forever and even the Winchester brothers have to retire.

The CW announced on March 22, 2019, that Supernatural is coming to an end. In the press release, we could read that the production of the series will end after season 15. As you can imagine, this news did not delight either the fans or the creators of the production for whom the Winchesters saga could continue for years. Unfortunately, Supernatural ended after 15 years.

Work on one of the most popular series of the last dozen or so years has come to an end. The last scene on the set of Supernatural was officially shot.

The End Of An Era

Fifteen supernatural years. This is how long the adventure with the series will remain in our memory forever. Fifteen years with two brothers traveling the States in the 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Fifteen years and the day has come that they both have been waiting for and hoping will never come. November 19, 2020, is the end of Supernatural.

The first episode of Supernatural debuted in 2005. The plot focused on the Winchester brothers, who were raised as hunters: versatile warriors who specialize in tracking down and killing supernatural creatures. The series turned out to be a hit, for 15 years it did not disappear from the station’s schedule. During this time, the siblings saved the world countless times. The heroes died and later returned to the world of the living. Sometimes they even had to go down to hell. Unfortunately, their adventures are over.

Eric Kripke’s series paved the way for the productions we can watch now. Before Supernatural, there was the X-Files with a similar theme and structure of seasons. The thrill of sitting down to a new episode every week, not knowing what would stand in the way of the Winchester brothers this time. Vampire? Wendigo? Ghosts? Maybe demons? Angels? Yes, the Winchesters even fought angels, and this is just the tip of a mountain of supernatural beings.

For fifteen years we have had the opportunity to learn about the creatures of every religion, every myth, every culture. We had the opportunity to learn the incantation used in exorcisms. We learned how important salt is when dealing with ghosts, phantoms, or poltergeists. We’ve learned ways to protect ourselves from the creatures of our nightmares. It is all over now.

Carry On Wayward Son

Saying goodbye to Supernatural will not be easy for sure. The series had many great aspects that will leave fans in search of similar productions. If you would like to recall the most important moments of the TV show and learn some interesting things at the same time, we recommend a quiz about the Supernatural series at Quizondo.

The Supernatural series had millions of fans around the world, and with its ending, it turned out that there were also many famous names among its fans. After the last episode was aired, congratulations and thanks were poured out on the web for 15 amazing years with the Winchester brothers. Many of the posts were addressed directly to the lead actors, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

The discontinuation of Supernatural is also, in a way, the final chapter of an era in American pop culture. The series itself had better and worse moments during its broadcasting – the season right after the unsuccessful apocalypse is a favorite subject of jokes for many fans of the series, as is the subsequent restructuring in the chaotic – again after a failed apocalypse – heaven. It was also known for many meta-episodes in which the Winchesters brothers find themselves in a parallel world, where they are actors playing in the Supernatural series, or when they discover that they are creating novels about their lives, as well as fanfiction based on them. Invariably, however, the show held a faithful audience with it, basing its success less on the plot (however surprising it may be) than on the characters. There were three attempts to create a side series for Supernatural, but without much success – none of them managed to reintroduce such charismatic characters.

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