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Christmas Gifts for Cosplayers, Comic Fans, and Anyone Missing Comic Cons

If you’re anything like me, then one of the things you’ve missed most in 2020 is going to comic cons. I often do a healthy amount of Christmas shopping at cons, especially because it’s a double gift of knowing I’m supporting an indie creator.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to get for your friend who’s missing comic cons or to add to your own list of Santa, here are some suggestions.

Being a Cosplayer

If you’re a cosplayer who’s spent 2020 looking longingly at the beautiful creations sitting unworn in your closet, dreaming of the days when you can finally return to comic cons decked out in full regalia, then you will find a kindred spirit in Katherine Hemmings, creator of Being a Cosplayer.

Based on her and her friends’ real-life experiences in the world of cosplay, the book features a variety of anecdotes in Hemmings’ cartoony style. Speaking as someone who has only ever dipped his toe in the cosplay pool, I still found much to laugh about and relate to. This makes a perfect stocking stuffer for your cosplayer friend.

Order Being a Cosplayer or check out Katherine’s other work.

The Cosplayer That Doomed The Earth

Continuing on the theme of comics about cosplayers, Dan Harris’ The Cosplayer That Doomed the Earth is another great gift for those missing cons. The story begins at a comic con resembling MCM London, where our hero – Griff – has come wearing an outfit based on his favourite video game hero from his childhood. But things take a turn for the unexpected when some alien invaders show up to arrest Griff for war crimes.

The story has a very Galaxy Quest vibe mixed with Harris’ exceptional humour and colourful artwork. The combination provides a truly enjoyable romp for anyone who’s ever been to a comic con.

The first two issues of The Cosplayer That Doomed the Earth are available on Dan’s Etsy page or you can visit his Patreon for more updates about his work.

Comichaus Beanie

Want to look stylish, stay warm, and support indie comics? Comichaus have got you covered – literally – with their new beanie (as modelled here by Dan Butcher).

The Comichaus app is of course best known for being the “Netflix” of indie comics – all-you-can-read for a monthly subscription that costs less than a single issue of one comic. Filled with great comics – including Dan’s Vanguard – it’s a great way to discover new stories and creators. You can even get a 12-month subscription for the price of 10 – which makes a great gift for any comic lover.

Check out the 1-year Comichaus subscription gift or the stylish Comichaus beanie.

Cat & Meringue Winter Plushies

Cat and Meringue – the stars of the comic of the same name from Nich Angell of Big Punch Studios – first burst into the third dimension last year. The plushies based on the punny pair are great quality and child-safe.

As if that wasn’t enough, to celebrate the launch of their new book, you can now get these cute plushies with their own hand-made hats so they’re ready for winter. The hats are all hand-knitted, with unique colours and patterning. There’s only 10 pairs available, so get yours quick. If not, you can always go for the beach-ready versions – or check out the other great stuff over at Big Punch Studios.

Order your winter-edition Cat & Meringue plushies.

AP2HYC Official Merch

Of course, no geeky holiday would be complete without some super garb. The AP2HYC merch store is now open, with sales happening throughout December. You can now get your hands on AP2HYC branded t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, masks, and more. Plus, there are more designs available featuring all your favourite superheroes, from Batman to Spider-Man.

The newest additions to the store are our 10th anniversary logo and the Ready Player Scott logo from this year’s PodCapers musical episode. These are the must-haves for any comic fan this Christmas!

Check out the AP2HYC merch store.

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