What Important Lessons Can We Learn From Chance’s Character in Spider-Man?

One of the most popular comic book heroes is Spider-Man. A real Marvel classic, Spidey has been going for a long time and been seen in multiple comics and films. Of course, it is not just the character of Spider-Man that makes these stories well-loved. The range of supporting characters and villains is also a key factor in this franchise.

One of the lesser-known but fascinating supporting characters is Chance. Not only has he been involved in some great storylines, but he can also teach us important lessons about our own lives. Who is he though, and what are these lessons exactly?  

Who is Chance in Spider-Man?

While Spider-Man die-hards may know all about him, many casual fans may not. One of the best villains in Spider-Man history, he was dreamt up by David Michelinie and Mike Harris. His real name is Nicholas Powell and he is actually a supervillain mercenary for hire. 

Chance is not always a straight-out bad guy – which makes him an interesting character to explore. Very often, the jobs that he gets hired for involve taking out bad guys, for example. He first showed up in Web of Spider-Man issue 15 and bumped into Spidey when hired to kill criminal André Bouillon. With super-human strength, fast speed, and awesome stamina due to his body armor suit, he is one tough cookie.

Just what lessons can we learn from him?

Take risks

One of the unique things about Chance is that he was a pro gambler before turning into a supervillain. This led to him not taking payment for jobs up front but actually betting the fee against him completing the task. If he did as he had been asked, he would collect, but if not, he would have to pay the fee to whoever hired him. 

What lessons can we learn from this? One is that sometimes it is fine to take chances and take risks – as long as you expect them to come off! Playing live dealer online blackjack could be something that falls into this category. If you feel confident that you have the right strategy to win overall, then taking the chance to try could pay off handsomely. Just remember to check out LiveDealerNJ.com first for the best live dealer sites around to try out. If you believe in yourself and think that you have what it takes to make a risky situation work, then do not be afraid to back yourself.

Don’t be scared of change or new opportunities

With lots of Spider-Man 3 rumors on the net, now is the ideal time to look at what the characters can teach us. The switch that Chance made from his old life as a pro gambler to becoming something else also contains a key lesson – not that we are suggesting that you take up a new profession as a supervillain, of course! The way that Chance took the plunge and embraced a new career is something that should inspire us all though. It shows that you should not be afraid of new opportunities or career changes. Rather than being scared of new things and missing out on opportunities, it is better to embrace them and take what you can from them.

You can work with old enemies

Modern life can see us quickly become entrenched in our views on situations and people. While we may have good reason for this, it is sometimes not helpful to carry around old grudges. This can be seen with people who you might have fallen out with in the past or you snub due to an old disagreement. 

Sometimes, though, it is better for your own happiness to let old arguments go and engage with people who might have changed over time. If you can repair a broken relationship with a colleague at work, this can be especially helpful. Chance showed this when he paired up with Spider-Man to destroy Sanctus Maximus. While they might not have ended up best friends, this showed that you can put differences aside to work together for the common good, when required.

Chance can teach us some key life lessons

It is fair to say that Chance is not one of the better-known supervillains in the Spider-Man universe. He is, however, one of the most interesting and one that can teach us a lot about our own lives. This is actually one of the great things about all good comic book stories. They use the action as a way to explore life and teach the reader about ways that we can live our own better.

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