PodCapers Ep. 172: Revolution of the Daleks Review (Full Spoilers)

Grab your impractically long scarf, sonic screwdriver and robot dog, we’re talking about Doctor Wibbling Wobbling Who! Except Chris Chibnall wrote it so maybe lets not get too excited. The decline of New Who continues with the latest New Years Day Special, a disappointing outing for the madwoman in the blue box. Is there anything of worth to enjoy? Scott and Mark Russell are here to find out!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal

The Pros of Chibnall’s Doctor Who, The “Timeless Child”, and Subtlety – 05:00
Clones?, Acting Quality, and Useless Characters – 40:00
Dalek SAS, Companions, and the Future of Doctor Who – 1:20:00

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