The Magical Blend of Cinema and Online Slots

Developers of video games love connecting their titles to the movie industry. There has always been a charm to creating a game that incorporates elements from a popular movie, as it’s also a great way to attract a larger audience.

The same is true when it comes to casino game developers, who also love to tie their games to comics and superheroes as well. That’s precisely why there are plenty of online casinos such as neteller deposit casinos based on popular blockbusters from the big screen and many other notable cinema classics.

In this piece, we wanted to examine this connection more and show you some of the best examples of why these two deserve to go together. Let’s take a look!

Popular Movies in Online Slot Games

The most notable blockbuster that was brought to the world of slots is undoubtedly Terminator 2. The slot based on the James Cameron action flick is a classic in the world of online casinos, and it’s one of the most popular slots ever. The same is true when it comes to the movie Highlander, another blockbuster from the previous century. The main symbol in the slot version of the movie is the star of the movie, Christopher Lambert. 

These are a couple of the most popular slots ever, not just among slots based on movies. Aside from them, there are also slots based on movies like Gladiator, Dirty Dancing, Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park, Top Gun, and many more. 

Naturally, other slots are based on more recent movies, like the many blockbusters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The software developer Playtech brought us several slot games based on Marvel characters, including Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. They have also made games based on other superhero movies like The Dark Knight and Wonder Woman. 

Rights and Copyrights

You are probably wondering about the rights to these intellectual properties and how slot developers obtain them. Those who know more about the industry are certainly aware that many mainstream industries don’t really like being associated with casino software developers and other names from the online casino industry.

However, developers still manage to obtain the rights to famous movie themes and characters. However, movie studios and directors impose heavy requirements on these companies and retain most of the control over how their movies are depicted. 

This is why only the most notable names in the online casino industry are allowed to create slot games based on movies. This list includes several providers, but the most notable ones are Microgaming and Playtech. Microgaming focuses more on obtaining rights to movies with more mature themes, while Playtech is oriented towards titles that are watched by young adults. 

Whoever ends up making the slots, you can expect that the movie owners will gain a sizable percentage of the revenue. 

Bottom Line

Even though they are two very distinct industries, casino software developers and film studios are tightly connected today. The relationship has brought countless hours of fun for slot lovers, so we are glad that they’ve been able to find common ground! 

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