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Top 5 Best Comics Based Movies to Watch on a First Date

Anyone new to signing up for a dating site is bound to be amazed by the diverse range of site users waiting to be flirted with! If your main hobby is reading comics and graphic novels, and watching their cinema adaptations, the popularity of this activity means you’ll be spoiled for choice when seeking like-minded individuals. If you do connect with a kindred spirit, here are top five recommendations which were provided by experts from bbwtodate matchmaking platform for first date entertainment.

Men In Black (1997)

Everyone loves a movie about shadowy organizations operating on the fringes of society, representing a window into an exciting and potentially dangerous world unseen by most. When you add ferocious aliens into the mix, along with a fractious but frequently hilarious double act, you have the ingredients for a fantastic comic-based movie. In the original version of this highly entertaining franchise, gruff Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and wisecracking Jay (Will Smith) are the titular Men in Black, dedicated to investigating extra-terrestrial incursions into our planet. Along the way they undercover a sinister plot, intergalactic terrorists, and a whole array of wacky otherwordly creatures. Although the black-suited agents seem opposites, the chemistry developing between them will have you and your partner hooked.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Another film franchise based on graphic content, Guardians of the Galaxy introduces a colorful array of likable characters. While these individuals are space-traveling criminals, they must pool their resources when the universe is faced with fanatical warriors. Starring Chris Pratt as the Star-Lord, abetted by Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper), the sensual green-skinned Gamora (Zoe Zaldana), the lumbering Drax (Dave Bautista), and the endearing tree-like alien named Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), the non-stop action and sparkling script will have you perched on the edge of your seat on your first date night.

Logan (2017)

This story is developed from the character Wolverine, the razor-clawed protagonist who first appeared in Marvel comics and the X-Men franchise. Played with relish by Hugh Jackman, the action takes place in a bleak near future, where we encounter titular charcter caring for his ailing boss, Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Logan seems content shielding from the outside world until a young mutant (Dafne Keen) appears. Soon dark forces intrude on his peaceful existence.

Road to Perdition (2002)

Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks) is a hitman working for ruthless mobster John Rooney (Paul Newman). Sullivan must maintain a double-life, masking his sinister ‘day job’ from his son, Michale Jnr (Tyler Hoechlin). The reason this movie is such an ideal selection for your first date is that Hanks, famous for a string of affable main characters, is playing against type as a cold-blooded killer. Rooney’s unhinged son Connor (Daniel Craig) is jealous of the bond between Sullivan and Rooney, the latter treating Sullivan like a long-lost son. When Michael Jr witnesses his father gunning down associates, Connor uses this as an excuse to murder Sullivan’s wife and son. This sets in motion an exhilarating tale of revenge.

300 (2006)

Date night should be all about variety, and this comic-based film will certainly provide that after zany science fiction or depression-era mobsters. Here we plunge into Ancient Greece, where the Persian army, led by the God-King Xerxes, comprising 300,000 soldiers, is invading neighboring Greece. All that stands between military disaster are 300 Spartans who volunteer to make a stand in a narrow mountain pass where they can hold the invaders at bay. Gerard Butler is Spartan King Leonidas, leader of the plucky Spartans, fighting incredible odds armed with nothing more than spears, courage, and their barrel chests.

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