PodCapers Ep. 179: King Kirby with Fred Van Lente and Crystal Skillman

From the Lower East Side of Manhattan to the hearts and minds of millions around the world, Jack Kirby very much earned the title of “King”. But his was not an easy journey. Join Scott as he talks with writers Fred Van Lente and Crystal Skillman about their play turned audio drama King Kirby, a fantastic exploration of the man behind some of the most beloved characters in comic book history. Also how Scott first learned about BDSM. Because at this point, why not?

Check out King Kirby, Crystals Instagram, and her and Fred’s other work.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal

New Movies, New Video Games, and What is King Kirby? – 02:00

Stage to Audio, X-Man Noir, and the Origins of the Project – 20:00

The Cast, the Story, and “Art” – 40:00

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