Take a Look at Some of the Wealthiest Characters of the Marvel Universe

Few superpowers are as incredible as super stacks of cash. While Tony Stark may be brilliant and philanthropic, it is the millions that make him the armours of Iron Man. And there’s the brilliance, but the money is the most important factor.

Although a lot of costumed superheroes are doing menial jobs, a few of these people are richly rewarded. And we’re not talking about a few dollars here or even thousands of dollars, but tens of billions of dollars. Well you can try your luck at some real money superhero themed games at any reliable online new casino of your choice!

Here is our list of some of the richest characters in Marvel Comics, based on anecdotal data from the comics, actual references, and outright reported the truth.

T’Challa – 500 Billion

T’Challa, alias Black Panther owns Earth’s most valuable resource, the energy-absorbing element vibranium.

When the vibranium meteor first arrived in Wakanda, the country gained complete possession of the isotope, allowing it to build a hyper-advanced civilisation that would eventually become the richest state on the planet. As a result, T’Challa earned the title of the world’s richest man, propelling the young king to unprecedented levels of wealth.

T’challa is clearly leading this list, thanks to the total value of all Wakandan properties and personal savings.

Namor McKenzie – 280 Billion

Consider a character who is so wealthy and strong that he or she might comfortably decline membership of the ultra-exclusive Hellfire Club. Doesn’t that seem a little far-fetched? Namor Mckenzie, aka Namor the Submariner, was the guy who pulled it off. Namor is the second richest individual in the Marvel universe, with an approximate net worth of about 300 billion dollars, having been born into the royal household of Atlantis.

Victor Von Doom – 100 Billion

Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom) is one of Marvel’s most well-known—and wealthy—super villains. Von Doom’s rise from exiled refugee to moonbase king is nothing short of remarkable, with a net worth believed to be in the billions of dollars.

Doom left Latveria to make a name for himself, eventually collaborating with best scientists like Reed Richards and founding his own business, Von Doom Industries. Doom amassed a vast financial empire during this period through patents, cutting-edge energy technology, resources, nuclear inventories. He also happens to be the ruler of a nation.

Tony Stark – 80 Billion

Anytime “richest hero lists” are circulated in the media, they all have one person in common: the presence of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, a superhero, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. Stark was born into a sea of fortune, and as the son and sole successor of famed weapons designer Howard Stark, he is one of Earth-616’s wealthiest characters. Tony’s investments include everything from cash and trademarks and real estate to contracts to new technology, all of which he intends to use for the greater good of humanity.

Wilson Fisk – 40 Billion

Wilson Fisk is a traditional rags-to-riches tale in every sense of the phrase, save for the fact that his rise is accompanied by crime, chaos, and corruption. Fisk began life in organised crime after killing his father when he was twelve years old, becoming Don Rigoletto’s loyal bodyguard.

Fisk finally assassinated Rigoletto and took over the family’s empire. In addition to his billionaire status, King Pin holds a number of legal ventures and enterprises around the world, including in Japan.

Reed Richards – 12 Billion

Mr Fantastic, or Reed Richards, is not only one of the most intelligent heroes in the MCUniverse, but he’s also one of the wealthiest. As the master of the Fantastic Four and possibly the most talented scientist in the Marvel Universe, the elastic man has amassed a sizable patent portfolio. These patents cover coma machines, gateway devices, as well as a technology to generate antimatter and even alternative universes.

Emma Frost – 11 Billion

Emma Frost, nicknamed the White Queen, was brought up with a golden spoon in her lap, much like Charles Xavier. Winston Frost, her multimillionaire father, founded Frost Technologies, a logistics company that placed his family on the map.

She demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial acumen and was willing to wield her unusual mutant abilities for her own financial benefit. She did so by tapping into her telekinesis powers, which has led to billions in profit.

Norman Osborn – 10 Billion

Norman Osborn won his place in the billion-dollar club with a lifetime of violence at the hands of his father and early hardship. After earning his undergraduate degree, O’Brien sought a career in electrical engineering and partnered with Mendel Stromm to form the Oscorp Corporation. It was not until Norman rolled his money into numerous high-tech startups and companies around the world that he began to accumulate wealth.

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