PodCapers Ep. 185: Scott’s Dirty Disney Dozen The Fifth: Endgame

It’s finally happened. Scott has run out of bad Disney films to rant about (at least for now)! So all that’s left is…the good ones? Join Scott, Mark Russell, and Alex Mirabal for the very LAST Dirty Disney Dozen, where Scott has no choice but to begrudgingly compliment the studio he hates the most by listing their films that he thinks actually work. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky and the emotional torment alone will kill him!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Rescuers Down Under – 05:00

Treasure Planet – 15:30

Great Mouse Detective – 26:20

Hercules – 36:00

Emperor’s New Groove – 45:33

Mulan – 52:09

Tangled – 1:04:39

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – 1:15:37

Tarzan – 1:24:14

Atlantis: The Lost Empire – 1:31:45

Zootopia – 1:41:53

Lilo and Stitch – 1:46:21

Meet the Robinsons – 1:53:41

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