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“Wall Breakers” #1 Is An Intense Thrill From Start To Finish

Right on the cover, Wall Breakers #1 by Jorge Zevallos describes itself as an “action packed one-shot”. I think this is absolutely the best way to sum up these wild 28 pages. It’s a frantic, non-stop page-turner. The comic reads like watching an action set piece pulled out of a classic sci-fi thriller. Crisp black and white art style accentuates the story; the detailed designs and intense angles, poses, and linework heighten the tension and action.

The story is a one-shot; it has the difficult job of introducing and concluding all in a single issue. Despite this, it pulls it off effortlessly. The action is easy to follow and really riveting to see unfold panel by panel. It keeps things interesting in several different manners. Firstly, it constantly moves the action and story forward by changing things up. Readers are introduced to new locations, and the protagonists come face with new and evolving threats. The comic knows it doesn’t have a lot space to fully tell the story. Therefore, it never wastes time on needless exposition or repeated ideas. As a result, there is truly never a dull moment in Wall Breakers #1.

With all that still, it manages to feel like it could be part of a larger story. Before the action starts, the protagonist muses over the state of technology in the world. He questions whether or not it has consumed our lives. When the chaos begins, we find out that he just so happens to have a katana simply lying about in his apartment to get him out of a pinch. It’s goofy, but it’s very, very cool. I enjoy the little peek we get into into the larger world of this comic and its characters. It makes the world feel lived-in, and gives us a taste of who the main character is.

Wall Breakers #1 is gory, frightening, exciting, and even funny in some morbid ways. It’s all of that, and with just the perfect kind of self-aware campiness balancing it all throughout. Because of how brief it is, I want to steer as far away from spoiler territory as much as possible. But in general, it’s just one long supernatural chase scene throughout New York City; one that constantly ups the stakes and keeps you engaged.

I will admit that looking back, I find myself wishing it to be just a little bit longer. If only to add a bit more substance to the story, and perhaps give it a more satisfying resolution. As it is, everything leaves off somewhat unfinished. Which, to be quite fair, is the point. Overall, for what it is and what it’s trying to be, I can’t fault Wall Breakers #1 for any of these things. I appreciate the deviation from a more traditional storytelling style, and I really had a blast reading it.

Did you enjoy the non-stop action of Wall Breakers? Curious about #1? It’s now available at ComixologyGoogle Play, and DriveThru Comics. Check it out and sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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