The Best Secret Agents in Films 

Whatever the era, the genre or the tone of the movie, anything with a secret agent in always appears to be a sure-fire way for success, suspense and action. So, with that in mind, who are the best spies that film has to offer? The list below dives into some of the best to have ever graced the silver screen. 

James Bond – Various 

He is everybody’s favorite so it only makes sense that his name gets crossed off this list straight away. Coming in with a range of different movies and actors who have portrayed him, James Bond remains one of the most popular secret agents of cinema. 

He always remains cool and collected and seems to be able to pick up any task that’s presented to him, such as in Casino Royale when he sauntered into a casino and immediately started winning millions. Most other people would need to take time on sites such as Royal Vegas Casino at ca.royalvegascasino.com in order to practice, but not 007. He was more than happy to don a tux, order a drink and put his money where his mouth is, which is why he’s so well loved. 

Phil Coulson – Marvel 

After his apparent death in The Avengers movie, Phil Coulson came back in Agents of Shield and cemented himself as one of TV’s favorite spies. He became one of the people’s most-loved supporting characters throughout the MCU and has taken down some of the biggest threats to Earth in the process. 

Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Even though they both operate from different sides of the Iron Curtain, when this couple are forced to work together, it makes for one of the best spy thrillers of modern cinema. In Guy Ritchie’s reboot of the classic, Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer both dominate the screen in their fantastic portrayals of these classic characters. 

George Smiley – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

In a movie that was originally an adaptation from John Le Carre’s spy novel, this all-star cast makes for a slow burning tension infused spy movie like no other. Towering over the A-list cast of Colin Firth, Tom Hardy and John Hurt is none other than Gary Oldman and his outstanding portrayal of British Intelligence officer George Smiley. This operative shows skills throughout the entire movie that highlight perfectly why he makes this list. Not to mention, the depth to this character does what few spy movies can and that is to make secret agents human. Every facial expression is hinged with a tiny piece of regret or remorse, which we can use to access what the character is really thinking. 

Jason Bourne – The Bourne Series 

It’s ironic that this character who comes on screen with no memory is unforgettable. In one of Matt Damon’s first roles, the tough former agent set out to uncover his past and got involved in drama that led to one of the best spy movies in recent years along the way. The way that this series has expanded is a testament to just how good Bourne is.

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