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Morbius’s Official Trailer: Handholding Through The Horror

Back in 2020, we got our first teaser trailer for Morbius. I reviewed that trailer earlier this year, which you can check out here. I said back then that the film would be released on March 19th, but after being pushed back again and again, we’re looking at a January 21st release next year. And after a long wait, we finally have the film’s official trailer! So let’s break it down and talk about the new information it brings to the table, as well as a few predictions. Before reading ahead, make sure to watch the official trailer linked here!

Easter Eggs and Spider-Man Connections

Now I should start off by saying that Sony made the same error in both Morbius trailers. This official trailer doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination and walks us through exactly what’s going to happen, minus the ending. That being said, for an official trailer, it gets more leeway than the teaser. There’s also a few more Easter eggs to enjoy, some of which point towards possible Spider-Man connections. Remember, Morbius was one of Spider-Man’s antagonists in the comics! Those Easter eggs range from a graffiti drawing of our friendly neighborhood hero, to a small scene at the end of the trailer where Morbius introduces himself as Venom. He quickly backtracks and reintroduces himself as Dr. Morbius, playing it off as a joke. The guy he spooked didn’t find it funny, though.

So what do these Easter eggs mean? Long story short, it definitely seems like Sony’s setting up more Spider-Man content. But that shouldn’t come as any surprise, considering that Spider-Man: No Way Home is releasing in December. If you remember that trailer, it seems like the timelines are converging and Peter Parker’s gonna have a lot of villains to deal with. I’m extremely excited for Doc Oc’s grand return to the big screen, but that’s beside the point. Venom and Morbius are also Spider-Man villains. What are the chances they’ll pop up and wreak havoc? In reality, it’s not gonna happen, at least for Morbius. After all, Morbius releases in theaters after No Way Home. At best, we’ll see Venom, and Jared Leto will have to wait for the next Spider-Man film – if there’s another in the works. Truth be told, it’s also unlikely for Venom to appear, considering Tom Hardy isn’t on the cast list. But hey, I can dream, right?

Spooky Scary Morbius

Alright, I got a little excited about speculation. Let’s get back to the trailer. If the teaser trailer wasn’t obvious enough, Morbius is leaning heavily into the horror genre. There’s spooky lighting and hardly any bright colors to speak of. They’re nice vibes, but there’s definitely points that felt too stereotypical and cheesy. For instance, Morbius does some voiceovers during the trailer, spelling out word for word what’s happening to him as he transforms. You guys have probably heard of the famous saying “show, don’t tell”, right? I usually toss that to the side, but it applies to this trailer. If you’ve got the visual representations on screen, as well as all of the bat imagery and literal bats flying around, then why explain it again? You’ve gotta trust your audience to understand what’s happening.

While I’m critical of the trailer as a whole, I can at least admit that it’s got some good setup. Is that because it walks you through the entire film’s plot? Well, yes, but it also offers us some more insight to what Morbius is in the grand scheme of things. He’s Spider-Man’s adversary, yes, but he’s not a villain, at least not according to the trailer. As the trailer says: “the line between hero and villain will be broken”. Morbius’s morals are put into question several times throughout the trailer as he struggles with his newfound powers. Yet he’s incredibly curious about how far he can push himself, which leads to disaster. Such a nice scientist, killing an entire cargo ship crew and several officers… Well, now I’m sad that it’s unlikely Morbius will appear in No Way Home. He’d get along nicely with Doc Oc.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, there’s a lot that the trailer gets right, and a lot that the trailer gets wrong. It’s heavy-handed at times, but it hits all the horror conventions and promises a fairly interesting moral dilemma. Plus, with all the Easter eggs sprinkled in, there’s no shortage of things to be excited for even if you’re not a fan of Morbius. I do look forward to seeing it despite my reservations!

What did you think of the official Morbius trailer? Does it leave a lot to the imagination? Are you planning to see it in theaters? Let us know in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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