PodCapers Presents: Into The Scott-Verse

The time has come! After years of planning, the deadly mastermind responsible for the terrors inflicted on Scott each Halloween has enacted their grand plan. Now Scott and his AP2HYC colleagues find themselves in a race across the multiverse to stop this evil villain once and for all.

But with enemies closing in on all sides, a rift has formed between Scott and his friends. Will they triumph and save reality as we know it, or will our worst nightmares come to pass? Witness the dramatic conclusion to a story years in the making!

Featuring the vocal talents of our extended #PodernFamily, including The Jock and Nerd PodcastThe Deleted Scene Podcast, and many many more!

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Into The Scott-Verse is written, produced, edited, and directed by Scott James Meridew.

C0-Edited by Alexandra Mirabal

Produced by David Molofsky, Jillian DiBlasio, and Mark Russell.

Art by Lyndon White (Twitter – @LyndonDraws)


A massive Thank You to everyone who collaborated on this special and all our others in the last five years! We love you all!

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Scott Meridew