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It’s Robot Fighting Time! MechaTon #1 Packs A Hilarious Gundam-Sized Punch

Imagine punching a phone so hard that it turns into a robot. Better yet, imagine punching a phone so hard that it turns into a robot, AND it fights giant monsters. Isn’t that a dream come true? That’s the reality that Derek and Leah face in MechaTon #1, a fun, wacky story about ridiculous hot dog puns, giant mechs, and good ol’ fashioned sibling banter. Very minor spoilers ahead! Oh, and fair warning: this one’s a goodie.

A Quick Summary

MechaTon #1, titled “Ignition, or How to Properly Punch a Giant Cockroach in the Face”, comes in at a solid twenty-eight pages. We follow two siblings, Derek and Leah, who love video games almost as much as they love outwitting each other. On an outing to the dump, Leah gets smacked in the face with their soon-to-be savior. It’s Thanos’s gauntlet! Wait, nope, wrong franchise. It’s still a gauntlet, but instead of wiping everything out of existence, it turns things into Gundams. Derek learns this the hard way when he punches an innocent hot dog stand and it fuses around him. Go Go Power Rangers, I guess? In any case, it comes in the nick of time, because a giant cockroach spawns out of nowhere and starts destroying everything. With video game expertise and Leah to guide him, Derek KO’s the cockroach through the power of Gundam fists and hot dog puns. 

The story itself is fast-paced and incredibly funny, but it never felt rushed. Every page brought something new to the table, whether it was a new character or a new joke, courtesy of Derek. The fight scene at the end was fun, especially with all the hot dog puns, and it left off on a compelling note. Where did the glove come from? Where did the giant cockroach come from? Will Mr. Mitchell get another hot dog stand after this, or can Derek’s new MechaTon transform back? Either way, I hope Mr. Mitchell recovers from this loss. Maybe the pizza place can hire him now that Derek’s found a new calling in life?

A Bun-believably Fun Ride

Giant fighting robots aside, there’s so much to love about this comic. Leah and Derek have incredible banter across every page. If they’re not cracking puns, they’re bouncing off each other in true sibling fashion. They’re both full of personality, and it’s hard not to love them both for their little quirks. Derek, despite being glued to video games and being late to his pizza delivery gig, has a genuine heart. He gives kids toys that they might like and makes sure the family he delivers to doesn’t have to go all out on tips. Leah, the holier-than-thou sister who’s perpetually messy, is incredibly smart and strategic. They make such an amazing duo both on and off the battlefield, which is super engaging.

The art style is also one of my favorite parts about MechaTon. It’s fairly loose and scribbly, but the colors pop and make the world vibrant and fun. Everyone has intense facial expressions and recognizable designs. The siblings are especially easy to spot, with Derek’s crazy hair and Leah’s overalls and striped shirt. It’s clear that the team had lots of fun putting this story together. I even think this could be a great TV series thanks to two consecutive panels of the gauntlet flying through space coinciding with Derek grabbing some Cheese Poofs. It sets up the ending without going overboard, and visually, I think it’d be interesting to see on screen. I know I’d see that film or TV series in a heartbeat.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, MechaTon #1 is a hilariously entertaining story that I’d honestly recommend to anyone looking for a good laugh. Sure, Gundam and sci-fi fans might love it the most, but the humor and puns are for everybody. Derek and Leah are one of the best protagonist duos I’ve seen in a while, and I’m anxiously awaiting the second issue. If you haven’t given this comic a shot yet, you need to ketchup while you still can! Seriously, what’s the wurst that could happen? And while you’re giving this comic a shot, I need everyone to appreciate the lengths I went to in order to make these hot dog puns. Derek should relish in his ability to make those on the fly.

You can check out the completed MechaTon Kickstarter page here. MechaTon #1 is available for purchase on Wells Thompson‘s Gumroad, linked here. A digital copy is $3, while a physical copy is $7 and a signed copy is $10. Oh, and there are some cute stickers up on the shop for $3 too. C’mon, guys, these prices are a steal.

What did you think of MechaTon #1? If you could transform anything into a Gundam, what would you choose? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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