5 Best Superhero Board Games

Superheroes are the best, and even though the narrative is changing from strictly good personas to slightly dark and mischievous goodness mixed with an understanding of good and evil, our heroes still offer the entertainment we need.

Contrary to popular beliefs, movies, video games, and comics are not the only ways to get an experience with your favorite characters. Board games have always been there, and they are only getting better.

Whether you prefer cooperative options that require collective strategy and teamwork, or you want to make the decisions all on your own, you would find a board game to play in this list.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game

One of the most famous Marvel card games, Marvel Champions, is a cooperative game that has players pick cards to construct a deck of their favorite superheroes. The game acts as the villain, and the goal is for you to defeat the game or, well, the supervillain.

Get thrust deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this game, where the cards have the superhero on one side and their real identities on the other side. The theme, gameplay, and intensity of the different levels create a great board game experience. The creators who are also behind Arkham Horror also release new decks regularly, so if you are willing to spend a little, you can get more decks with extra heroes and more possibilities.

The excellent gameplay lasts between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on how good a wannabe-superhero you can be. There is no clear-cut strategy for winning this game, but there are various abilities that create interesting choices and outcomes. The different supervillains and modes of play create different personas and multiple fighting options. Deploy tactics and work closely with other players in this living card game that allows up to four players.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

The Legendary system is famous and a fan favorite because of the creators’ ability to capture players’ attention in a fun and thrilling way. This deck-building game brings together the best heroes and supervillains from the MCU. The gameplay is entertaining and easy to learn, lasting for 30 to 60 minutes and taking up to five players.

To begin, players have to select a supervillain to play with (Loki is an absolute favorite) and then stack the attack cards for that character underneath to alter the deck depending on the kind of game they want to play.

There is no way to defeat these evildoers without active vigilantes who know their work, and the game doesn’t lack in those. You get the best heroes in the MCU to help you in battle. Decide on Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, or any other renowned fighters. Build a strong deck made up of these characters and save the Earth from those scheming, destructive guys before they can go on a rampage. Be careful not to let the mastermind escape or injure you too much. You will need an impressive deck with enough power to quickly take down the villains, similar to Avengers: The Infinity War.

The superhero theme is widely used for various offline and online games and even gambling sites. There are a variety of online casinos, such as Captain Cooks, that offer a variety of themed games. If you think this is a good option for yourself, then a Captain Cooks casino review will be useful to you. You can learn about bonuses and promotions to play a variety of games, including slots based on all your favorite superheroes.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Change is Constant

Pizza lovers by day, friendly neighborhood vigilantes by night, and our favorite shelled heroes battle their way through a system of related missions within different battle modes. You would love this role-playing game that uses an immersive dice system for playing missions based on IDW animations.

The gameplay is very similar to that of the fan-favorite, TMNT: Shadows of the Past, except that it has a better 1 vs Many mode and a fully cooperative mode. Each player takes charge of one TMNT hero or friend – April O’Neil or Splinter in this game, which takes less than an hour to complete and requires up to 5 players.

There are multiple campaigns to pick from in the Adventure Comic that comes with the co-op board game, and each has different conditions, including terrains that affect the turtles’ line of sight and movement. Players can roll pizza dice and tokens to progress through the various map layouts to defeat whatever number of villains there are in the game. Now that’s a game worth spending less than one hundred dollars on.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

Fans of the Gotham City Series of comic books, movies, animations, and video games would love this board game that requires well thought up strategies to compete and win a variety of themed missions.

Enjoy the 1 vs Many gameplay with up to 3 extra players, which has some players control up to 3 heroes from the Batman World and others take charge of felons like Ra’s Al Ghul from the City of Gotham.

Whether you are a DC die-hard fan or not, the actions in this game would leave you hooked and yearning for more. You have to carefully navigate the dungeon crawler, managing your resource cubes as you defeat criminals one at a time to save and clean up the metropolis.

There’s no better way to spend an hour than in a battle, dodging ranged attacks and bombs from conflicts with the various thugs on their different levels.

Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game

This version of the original Love Letter games brings the Infinity War experience to you, requiring one player to take on the role of the destroyer of Earth, Thanos. Other players have to join hands to save the earth from Thanos by defeating him and by preventing him from collecting the precious Infinity Stone cards. They can also win by depleting Thanos’ life source using cards meant for that purpose.

Players take turns drawing cards and play them to execute the effect of the particular hero it depicts. There is no princess to win affection from in this Marvel board game, there is only serious action, coordination, and strategy in this quick one vs many spin-off that requires 2 to 6 players.


You have to get a good experience when engaging in any form of Superhero entertainment or adventure, and this article is strictly for that purpose. Enjoy gaming with friends and save the innocents with the help of your favorite characters. Spend a little money, get exciting activities to engage in with your peers, and throw on your cape and mask to play the greatest superhero board games that require your spidey senses to prevent defeat. 

Playing board games is one of the most entertaining activities which has a positive effect on any player. It is fun, it helps people connect better, it broadens the minds and is a relaxing way to spend your free time.

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