5 Best Batman Villains of All Time

We can’t have superheroes without supervillains to boot, and the crime-fighting and the justice-seeking hero who strives to make Gotham City crime-free and prevent unnecessary deaths has his major share of them. No one is asking you to become a crime-fighting vigilante because of your fandom, but you’ve got to love The Dark Knight and all he stands for.

The crusader has the largest and most diverse rogues’ gallery in any comic, and evil seems to follow him around, sniffing in cracks and crevices to find his scent. Supervillains rarely get better than those in Batman’s world, who employ underhanded tactics and sinister tricks to get the best of him.

Here are five famous villains who prove to be dangerous challengers trying their hardest to stop Batman from fulfilling his dream – a clean and safe city.

The Joker

The most famous supervillain, he has a knack for getting under the caped crusader’s skin, causing trouble at every turn. The rivals have been at it for almost a century, and his love for chaos and mayhem in the artistic forms prevents Batman from stopping him completely.

The clown who sports a permanent sinister smile. Several stories describe how he got that smile, with different versions talking about a carved-up smile to make his wife happy and others mentioning a congenital disease. Irrespective of the story, his smile is horrific, but it adds some spice to his character.

He is a true madman who sees Gotham as his playground, occasionally causing the death of so many citizens with each uncontrollable joke. From his lavish, fun pranks to his dangerous acts, playing deadly games, Batman’s arch-nemesis takes the top spot on this Batman villains list.


Perhaps the most unfortunate villain Batman ever had to battle, Two-face is a hero-turned-criminal in the worst twist of fate imaginable. He starts as Harvey Dent, the District Attorney who spent his days fighting crime by upholding the law in Gotham. He then transforms into the awful criminal lord when a mafia boss throws acid on his face and disfigures him permanently, driving him insane and split between two personalities.

The intelligent villain is distinguished by unpredictability because of his decisions based on the toss of a silver coin, leaving both the vigilante and his fans wondering about his next move. Encounters between the two are typically sad and personal because when things were better in Gotham, they were close friends and confidants. The dual gun-wielding felon has the most tragic tale in the metropolis. What’s the saying again? Good doesn’t always pay.

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The Penguin

Almost as popular as the Clown Prince of crime, this rival is a big-time crook and a crime lord who has a seat in the higher rankings of Gotham’s underworld. What sets him aside from others is how he switches from his place among the elites as a gentleman stock trader and businessman to a cunning mastermind. Oswald Chesterfield Cobble III has made things difficult for Batman, leading an empire that deals in the major leagues of blackmail and extortion, outsmarting the vigilante.

One of the most prominent things about this character is his grotesque appearance – a short, stout man with a long, unusual beak of a nose who is often clad in a Tux, monocle, and a top hat. The gentleman of crime is always wielding an umbrella which has more functions than keeping the elements at bay, acting as a weapon or a tool to aid in his escape. What sets him aside is his sanity and the reason for the havoc he wreaks, usually for financial profit.

Ra’s Al Ghul

We are used to villains being destructive and raining fire and brimstone down on unsuspecting innocents just because they can. Ra’s Al Ghul is a different kind of evil in that respect. He is a smart mastermind who is obsessed with a need to create a proper balance in the world by guiding the morality of the earth by himself.

His quest to end humanity’s crimes has seen his plan fail multiple times to commit genocide and wipe out the majority of the earth’s population in a bid to get the world in order (Hello, Thanos!).

The immortal leader of the League of Assassins, his obsession does not affect his respect for Batman, and we see him going to great lengths trying to bring the hero over to his side. He even allowed his daughter, Talia, to fall in love with Bruce Wayne and have a child with him, Robin.

Harley Quinn

Joker’s notorious girlfriend, Harley Quinn, has come a long way from being Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the promising psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum. What started as a way to learn more about the clown and his “madness” quickly brought out the real insanity of this mischievous delinquent. The mallet-wielding maniac had a full-on obsession for him, and their love gave Batman and Gotham tough times.

Unlike the other villains Batman has faced, she has more going on for her than just destruction and mayhem. She has proved herself to be a reliable anti-hero, lending a helping hand when required, as we observed in Suicide Squad, and even running in Batman’s circle. Her crazy fandom and development have given the “bad” doc major roles in the DCEU, and she retains her wits and remains unpredictable through it all. We can’t wait to see what new activities she gets up to.


Batman is arguably one of the most iconic creations, and his persona has evolved beautifully over the years. Even if you are a Marvel fan, and you abhor all DC movies, there is no way you can deny your love for our tan and gruff dark hero whose mood is never quite cheerful. Perhaps that’s what you get when the most annoying Batman villains ever can’t leave you be, bussing around like cocaine-induced flies.

From comics and animations to movies and video games, the evil that is Batman’s villains has grown, but some characters can never shift from the spotlight. Whether you are more into encounters with Lex Luthor or prefer his almost perfect female supervillains, there is a lot going on in Batman’s world. Even though you can’t join in, you can at least get a front-row seat.

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