What Can We Expect from House of the Dragon Season 2?

House of the Dragon has proven to be one of the runaway hits of 2022. Interest in the show has been so great that it has even spiked the viewership of the original Game of Thrones series. While the Targaryens may be an unlikely cast of heroes to love, their family drama has fascinated us all. With a record-setting finale for Season 1 now behind us, what can we expect from the upcoming Season 2?


Before diving into the predictions of the House of the Dragon season 2, you’ll probably want to refresh your memory on who is who in the series. Targeryans are known for marrying among themselves which complicates their already long blood line even more. To help you understand their family relations, take a look at this Targaryan family tree infographic. Note: prepare yourself for memorizing a bunch of cool-sounding, but almost identical names.

When Can We Expect It?

It takes a lot of time to get a special effects-heavy series like House of the Dragon ready to air. While we know that Season 2 will happen and will get shooting early in 2023, we can only expect to see Season 2 hit our streaming services in 2024. We’ve been promised considerably more action than Season 1 now that the ‘Dance of the Dragons’ is officially underway. We’re not certain how many seasons House of the Dragon will run for, so it can be challenging to predict which parts of the seasons will intersect with the source material just yet- but let’s just say that we would be surprised if it runs less than four seasons. And there may be other spin-offs in the works.


If you’re too curious to wait, remember that the entirety of the House of the Dragon plot is taken from George R.R. Martin’s prequel to his famous Song of Ice and Fire (the one that inspired Game of Thrones). Published as Fire and Blood, it is already released, so there’s no waiting for this notoriously slow author to bring a new book to life. Luckily, that means that later seasons of the House of the Dragon should also avoid the issues that Game of Thrones encountered in its later seasons, too. Of course, spoilers will abound, so choose with care.

The House of the Wolves

Rhaenyra made the fateful decision to send her two oldest sons away in the chilling finale to Season 1. They’re destined for Dragonstone to recruit allies, but we’ve already seen the younger of the two boys lose his life. We were left with the compelling image of Jace carrying on alone to the North. The person he is to meet, Cregan Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, will be a guaranteed addition to the Season 2 cast, hopefully bringing us some juicy pre-Game of Thrones Stark action. Unless the show chooses to deviate substantially from the books, we may even see some of theirterritories in the new season.

White Harbor

Although much-mentioned in Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon,  we have yet to see the ‘greatest city in the North’, White Harbor, hit our screens as a visual destination. It is supposed to be a bustling port town with different Gods from those typically worshiped in the North. Governed by the Manderly family, it would make an interesting setting. Many fans were angry when the iconic A Song of Ice and Fire character Wyman Manderly was omitted from the television version. This time, surely, it will be too big to miss out on, and there would be no better point for it in the larger scope of the series than Season 2.

A Queen Gone Mad

Rhaenyra Targaryen tried to balance strength and diplomacy, and even avoid bloodshed, through Season 1. She’s stopped foes literally on the bridge of Dragonstone and chosen a peaceful path- twice. So far, it has been Daemon who wants to send dragons against King’s Landing, but in the original book, it was her. Given that she’s clearly done with diplomacy and Aemond’s slaughter of her son, we will likely see the gloves come off fast and hard in the next season.

Without spoiling the potential plot further, it’s worth noticing that House of the Dragon, if it remains true to the books, is set to bring a very, very dark scene to life. It is so dark it’s likely to be dialled down a lot to make it to TV at all. Judging by how Season 1 followed the timeline to date, it has to arise in Season 2, and likely very early too. We won’t say more about this potentially gory plot twist, but it is what fans should watch out for.

New Characters

It’s a given that Season 2 will bring in some new characters to enjoy. We already know Cregan Stark, the ‘wolf of the North’, should debut in Season 2. As always with George RR Martin novels, however, there are plenty of others- and we’re sure to see at least a handful of them get Season 2 screen time. Of course, it is far too early to speculate who, but we will tease a few potential names that fans of the book it is based on may recognize- Addam and Alyn Velaryon, two characters many are waiting for. They’ll earn that l mighty last name in the war. Laenor and Qarl should be back, too. Some call sheets for the upcoming Season 2 suggest that Hugh Hammer and Nettles will also make an appearance, but we won’t say more about them yet.

Of course, we won’t miss out on people we’ve already seen in Season 1, either. Criston Cole, Otto Hightower, and Larys Strong have much more to their tales that we’re bound to explore at least a little in the new season, and we’re sure some surprises are coming, too.

This infamous dark tale about the war-torn land of Westeros will come to life for our screens in 2024- and we’re sure you’re already chomping at the bit to know more about it. We will have to wait patiently, but we hope these potential Season 2 teasers have whet your whistle for the show we all love to hate so much.

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