Looking for Superheroes Outside of Movies

With superhero movies having grown as popular as they have in recent years, it’s understandable that people would be looking all over the entertainment industry to find them. Equally, with this increase in demand, it also makes sense that businesses will be capitalising on this to find locations for these colourful characters wherever they can.

However, while your initial interest and motivation might stem from a place of wanting to get more out of your current interest, this might lead you towards discovering new things to love, from any of the places that you end up looking. Fortunately, you might be spoiled for choice on where to go.

Video Games

The video game industry is no stranger to superheroes, from classics such as the Spiderman 2 tie-in movie game on the PlayStation 2 to the original superhero story featured in the InFamous series, and now to Insomniac’s modern Spiderman series. While games such as the live service Avengers game that was released in recent years or the Guardians of the Galaxy title might not have gathered the same kind of attention, upcoming releases like Sony’s Wolverine prove that these superheroes aren’t going anywhere.

The kind of influence and presence that they have here goes even further than these major releases, though, from smaller experiences like the Batman Telltale series to even superhero-themed slot games that you can find through your online casino of choice, you don’t have to go far to find what you’re looking for.

Comic Books

It could be that your interest in superhero movies was merely the introduction to your fascination with such characters. If that’s the case, your next logical course of action could be to dive into the world of comic books, and the incredibly varied stories that are told in the medium. There are so many stories and entries surrounding any given character, that it can be overwhelming, leaving you unsure where to begin.

Start by focusing on one character – maybe your favourite hero. Then, do some research into the most commonly referred to best storylines or examples that they have in comic book form. From here, you can go outwards, exploring the perspectives that different artists and writers have on what their character is capable of – something you can repeat again and again.


It might surprise you to think of music as being a place where superheroes are particularly relevant, but the impact that they’ve made on popular culture over the decades of their existence makes them a natural fit for implementation here. You have original examples, such as how Eminem’s Without Me might incorporate comic book elements into the video and lyrics, or how MF Doom’s Guinnesses uses similar iconography, but then there are also examples that more directly reference pre-existing characters. Whether this is through inspiration or direct reference can vary from example to example, but the frequency of them can showcase the kind of wide-ranging impact that superhero fiction has had on the artists who make this music.

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