Sponsored Articles

A Place To Hang Your Cape is happy to accept sponsored articles for promotional purposes as long as they contain relevant content – i.e. topics relating to superheroes or comic books.

These posts will feature on our homepage and naturally go into our archives. They will be tagged as sponsored.

If you are interested in sending us a sponsored article or would like further information, please contact David at editor@ap2hyc.com.


  • £40.00 for an article written by you which includes one promotional dofollow link.
    • If you are looking to publish 3 or more articles with us, we can lower the price to £35.00 per article
  • £75.00 for an article written by one of our staff which includes one promotional dofollow link.
  • £2.00 for social media promotion, which includes one post either on AP2HYC’s Facebook and Twitter or both for £3.00

*Please note: all prices are in British Pounds (GBP). If you are paying in a different currency, please ensure that you take the exchange rate into account when submitting payment. 

Submission format

We ask that you send articles to us in HTML format and include an image sized at least 600x350px that we can use in the article. We aim to publish articles within 48 hours of receipt.

All articles must be written to a good standard in British English. If articles are deemed to require more than the normal level of editing, there will be an additional charge of up to £15 per article.


All payments should be made via PayPal with funds sent to editor@ap2hyc.com. If you require an invoice, please include all relevant information when you submit the article.