Kevin Feige Spills on The Future of The MCU

With Phase Two of their master plan shortly to unfold, Marvel are continuing to look to the future. Iron Man 3, the first of the new wave, isn’t due out till the end of next month, but President of Production Kevin Feige is already discussing the studio’s plans for the next few years.

Edgar Wright‘s long-awaited Ant-Man is already confirmed to be kicking off proceedings and Feige has suggested that a more diverse range of character pieces may well be en route. Feige apparently told SFX:

I’m not looking at Phase One as grounded and Phase Two as cosmic and Phase 3 as magic. The films are all so eclectic and different from each other that you can’t overarchingly categorize them like that. If and when we enter the magic arena, it will be through Doctor Strange… And that’s to me what’s exciting about Doctor Strange.

As to the return Marvel’s top-tier superhero team, Feige stressed that Joss Whedon‘s sequel would continue to focus on the group dynamics:

The most exciting thing to us about the Avengers franchise is the interaction amongst those characters. It’s putting them in situations that you wouldn’t expect to see them in. It’s that kind of fun; and the relationships between the characters in ‘The Avengers,’ which I loved. Almost whatever the heck else is happening is gravy in that franchise, because all I care about is Bruce and Tony, Tony and Steve, Widow and Bruce – and how Thor fits into it, because he’s always the outsider amongst outsiders. So I think that’s where the value lies. And going deeper amongst those characters in those relationships.

With the post-credit scene for The Avengers teasing the emergence of Thanos as a new potential threat, things can only get worse for the beleaguered superhero team.

As to which exact heroes will be appearing in the new installment, Feige responded, “I think it’s not a secret that Joss and I and all of us at Marvel think that part of the fun of Avengers is the rotating team, for sure.” What this means, for instance, the status of Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye – whose name conspicuously did not appear in Feige’s bit about the Avengers’ interacting – is unclear, but new blood is always a treat.

The Avengers 2 is scheduled for release on May 1st, 2015. Till they finally (re)assemble, we’ll keep you posted.

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