The Human Factor: Characters of Pacific Rim

Mako Mori

mako 2

She comes across very subtly at the beginning. Rinko Kikuchi has plenty of screen presence without having to be overly sexualised or have an attitude problem – refreshing. She is obviously passionate about her role as a Jaeger pilot but rather more rational than Rayleigh. She is also more in control of her emotions. However, she has a certain amount of curiosity which adds depth to her occasionally stoic demeanour. When she spies on Rayleigh from her room we see the instinctively curious side of her which is obscured by her logical actions. Her downfall is that she is stuck in the past, and with good reason. Her inability to move forward is is somewhat out of her control, nevertheless, her desire for revenge causes her to progress from trainee to to pilot status perhaps too quickly, as she attempts to overcome her memories and her troubled past.

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