The Human Factor: Characters of Pacific Rim

Dr. Newton Geiszler and Dr. Hermann Gottlieb


Unfortunately, I was not impressed by this duo at all. The two served as comedic characters in a film which already had enough funny moments. Too much effort was put into their character traits that they became unbelievable caricatures. The dorky one with the leg stuff and  the hyperactive Kaijiu groupie may have gotten a few laughs but more, I suggest, out of bewilderment about their relevance to modern day science fiction plots. The only way I could relate to Geizler was through his passion for the Kaijiu. I, too, am obsessed with aliens, however I would draw the line at merging consciousnesses with one of them. I won’t waste too much time talking about Gottlieb because I felt that his extreme awkwardness was just too over the top. These are the archetypal dorks we’re all to familiar with from watching cartoons as children. Unsurprisingly they did not find their place in a film which faltered on very few other occasions. 

Have you seen Pacific RimIf so, what did you think of the human cast? Sound off below.

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